Sarah Khan faints on Bidaai sets!!!

Hectic schedule takes a toll on the actress Sarah Khan, as she fainted on the sets of Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai...

With hectic schedules that the daily soap stars' face, fainting on the sets is now turning into a regular feature. After Divyanka, Smriti, Ashlesha, Roshni Chopra, the next name to be added to the recent faint list is Sarah Khan, the lead protagonist of the serial Rajan Shahi's Sapna Babul Ka..Bidaai

Sarah Khan had gone through a very hectic schedule which at times was long extended ones, and ultimately fatigue took a toll on this actress as she fainted on the sets of Bidaai while shooting. When inquired the actress said, "It was very hot and I was not feeling well. I told my Director too about it and he ordered some cold water to be brought. But suddenly I just fainted." She then clarified that now she is fine and back to shooting too. Rajan Shahi the Producer and Series Director of the show also confirmed the incident. "Yes because of hectic schedule she fainted on the sets. On top of that, the girl doesn't take her food on time. Now I have asked one of my boys to see to their diet while they are on the sets," informed Rajan Shahi. A doctor was rushed in immediately while other cast members took care of her. Later she was given a day off.

It is also reported that Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai is all set for a new dimension and new flavour, the audience will get to see more twist and turns which will glue them in front of their TV set. We hope Sarah Khan takes the cue and makes sure to keep herself active.

Reporter : Ranjini Nair
Author : Barnali


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nityasingla 11 years ago PLEASE. sarah ji I am trying before last month to talk with u . I am from LUDHIANA .my name is NITYA SINGLA .
can u please give me your email -id to me .its all secret.if u want to contact with me pls. contact to me this no/09417265990
Zeenish_Khan 12 years ago directors should take care of this brilliant artist, poor sarah
ar78655 12 years ago Sarah Didi get well soon I cant see you like this
Dark Love
Dark Love 12 years ago Even though I don't know herr, that's really sad! =[

I hope she feels better!
miss5stars 12 years ago awww she looks so pretty in this picture... i hope the new twist is ranveer commin bk :D

glad shessss bttr now
dmgisdabest 12 years ago shez so pretty she should tke more care hope she eats well n gets betta soon
angels_eyes 12 years ago poor girl she needs to take care of her health
appu_m 12 years ago in hectic schedules one should not forget abt health. hope she's fine.
Fazila~ 12 years ago she should look after herself..hope shes fine now....
--Pinky-- 12 years ago Hope she is fine now. Looking forward to seeing more twits and turns in Bidaai
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