Sara Khan in pain...

Sara Khan has some grievances with the jewelry she is made to wear in Bidaai... Read to know more..

The beautiful and vivacious Sara Khan who essays the role of Sadhana in Star Plus Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, produced by Directors Kut dons the look of a plain and simple girl in the show, and for that she has to wear an Indian attire with jewelry.

However, the actress never seemed comfortable with the heavy metal bangles she was made to wear in the show. "I get rashes with those metal bangles and it was very painful. My skin turned red and it itched a lot", says the actress.

Her jewelries are also making her go mad. "Yes I can't wear those heavy jewels around my neck and ears. I have to apply lacto calamine before putting on that necklace. I told the production house to give me some light bangles too", she adds further.

"Then I myself bought those plastic bangles. I know plastic is not good in this summer, but they are much better than the metal bangles", she quips.

Well, even though the actress has some grievances when it comes to her jewels in the show, she is very much convinced with the importance her role is getting. "I'm happy and really looking forward for more twist and turns in the show. For now it's all about Alekh's treatment and we will soon be seeing some changes in him", she concludes.

No pain, no gain is what can be rightly said in this case…

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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shez so beautiful n agree with her wit those heavy jewels u get rash.....

14 years ago

Thank You!
Aww... she''s looks so innocent and sweet.


14 years ago

ohhhh thats very sad but kuch paanai k liye kuch khona to parta hai na

14 years ago

awww that sux! but that explains the bangles!!


14 years ago

dats sad actually for some thing good we have to pay something sooooooooooooo

14 years ago

nakhra by god...tired of all diz dramas....problem hai to pehente kiun ho!!

14 years ago

awwww.....pooooorrrr sara....
hope the production house gets sumthing better for!

14 years ago

awwwwww............poor thing
hope they do sumthing about it

14 years ago

i was wondering for many days that why sara was wearing such plastic bangles

14 years ago

friends.. metal se usse allergy production house needs to ustnd tat.. she isnt sayin no to wear ne accessories.. its just ke she''s asking thm to give sum oder type of it..

14 years ago

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