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Sara Ali Khan Confesses her Love for Hrithik Roshan's Work; Reveals She had a Crush on his Dhoom 2 Character

Sara Ali Khan's Candid Confession for Hrithik Roshan; Reveals She her Love for Hrithik Roshan's Work and that She had a Crush on his Dhoom 2 Character in her Childhood...


Hrithik Roshan is one of the most prominent actors owing to his portrayal of many remarkable characters that he brought to life on the celluloid. We are all aware of the craze that Hrithik enjoys among women and in a recent interview actress Sara Alik Khan also confessed that she would love to work with him.  

Right from her first film, Kedarnath, Sara Ali Khan has showcased a lot of promise and potential in her as an actor. There has always been a buzz surrounding her. Recently the actress shared her thoughts on Hrithik Roshan and how he inspires her.

Sara shared, "I have loved a lot of his work. If you had to ask me to choose between Jodhaa Akbar and Dhoom 2 I couldn't, but that is like Hrithik Sir for me. I think like Dhoom 2 is just amazing."

Furthermore, Sara even mentioned that she would be delighted to work with Hrithik Roshan given an opportunity. Speaking about her childhood crush, Sara disclosed that Hrithik’s character from Dhoom 2 was her childhood crush and we all agree to it, don’t we?

It is of great essence to be inspired by other actors and learn and absorb what you can from them and Sara truly voices for the same. How cool will it be to have both of them work together in a film.


Sara Ali Khan

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