Sanam Puri ties the knot with singer Zuchobeni Tungoe in a blissful ceremony in Nagaland

Sanam Puri recently exchanged vows with his longtime girlfriend, singer Zuchobeni Tungoe in a dreamy ceremony in Nagaland.

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In a magical union of hearts, renowned singer Sanam Puri recently exchanged vows with his longtime girlfriend, singer Zuchobeni Tungoe, in a dreamy wedding ceremony held in Nagaland. The celebration, which seamlessly blended Punjabi traditions with Naga rituals, left the singer on cloud nine.

In an exclusive conversation with HT post the ceremony, Sanam expressed his sheer joy and elation, stating, “I can’t think of a better feeling. This (getting married) is something I always wanted.” The singer, visibly excited about embarking on this new chapter of his life with Zuchobeni, shared, “The connection we have can’t be described in words. I’m excited about building my new life with her.”

The wedding festivities showcased a harmonious blend of Punjabi and Naga cultures, creating a unique and joyous atmosphere. Sanam reflected on the cultural fusion, saying, “We did! A mix of both our cultures was unique. I never dreamed of such a fun wedding. My wife, Zucho, brought this whole thing to life." He further emphasized their desire to share the richness of Naga culture with family and friends, recounting an intimate dinner the night before the wedding, where they celebrated Naga traditions with their closest loved ones.

Adding a melodious touch to their marital bliss, Sanam released a song on the day of his wedding, sung by none other than his talented wife, Zuchobeni Tungoe. Sanam revealed the serendipity behind the song, sharing, “I composed this song some time back, and when Zucho and I connected online, there was an instant connect. I knew her voice would be perfect for it.” The singer highlighted the transformative power of the song, bringing him closer to his soulmate, the one he envisions sharing his entire life with.

In a gesture that made the release even more memorable, the couple decided to unveil the song on their wedding day, surrounded by their loved ones. The couple's musical journey together, starting with the composition and culminating in a lifetime of togetherness, marks the beginning of a beautiful and harmonious chapter for Sanam Puri and Zuchobeni Tungoe.

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