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Samrat to plan a fake death of Dadi in Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki !

Doli Armaanon Ki is gearing up with an interesting track where Samrat will plan a trap in order to get Urmi back in her house.

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Spellbound Productions' popular show Doli Armaanon Ki on Zee TV is gearing up with an interesting track where Samrat is trying hard to know about Urmi and Shaurya's whereabouts. As the audience has already witnessed that Urmi (Neha Marda) has taken the decision to leave her house because of Samrat (Mohit Malik) who sends goons at her place to scare them.

As Urmi along with Shaurya has left her parents' house, she decided to stay in a hostel. Samrat is on the run to know about Urmi's whereabouts and he will hire a detective to accomplish his motive to bring back Urmi in his house.

As per our sources, "Samrat will hire a detective to know about Urmi's whereabouts but the detective won't be able to find her. In the meantime Shashi will tell him about the death in their neighbor and all of a sudden a plan strikes Samrat. He will think that after listening to a family member's death Urmi will surely come to meet her family. So he decides to kill her Dadi."

Further our sources informed, "Samrat is planning a fake death and will publish an obituary in the newspaper. And Samrat's plan will work as Urmi reads about Dadi's death and she will try calling her family but Samrat won't allow them to talk to Urmi. So will finally come to the house to meet Dadi."

Well, will Urmi come in front of Samrat? Or she will get to know about his plan?

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Shas3 6 years ago Samrat will forever be evil and try to put Urmi down. I don't mind it as long as Urmi comes out fighting and rising above all his crap! Can't wait to see her get a divorce!
ktiluvu 6 years ago I love this show and urmi but I hate samrat bloody male egoistic person urmi should kill samrat
fatssrilanka 6 years ago What are these CVs trying to show? Are they not tired of showing Samrat always having a upper hand on Urmi? This is appalling.I hope Urmi comes to know about Mr. MCPs plan and doesn't turn up. Disgusting show.
ekta15 6 years ago Interesting track . Obviously it can't be easy for urmi to get away from a person like samrat .
Looking forward to the journey of Urmi to get away and have a family of herself with her son ...
A HUGE FAN 6 years ago This is sick & wrong message. Glad I stopped watching this serial!
suresh555 6 years ago Sick writers. Too bad there is no censorship or law suits on them
amrapali_dubey 6 years ago ohh god!!..samrat baby plzzz grow up...u really need to be mature...stop being so desperate for urmi..let her live
MasoomaBukhari 6 years ago this guy is the most gira hua person in whole jhansi... ok fine he does this to bend urmi down.. but doesnt he himself think how he did it?! by cheating..
GOD save life of girls like urmi..

neha and mohit rock rock rock rock it Big smile
luvbbat 6 years ago Nooo... Damn, I wish Urmi would have left town. She needs to run away from Jhansi but somehow I think that Urmi will find the truth about Dadi's fake death. What is wrong with Urmi's father and grandmother? Why are they hell bent on giving Urmi a death sentence? I hope this makes Urmi even more determined to never go back to Samrat or ask her maternal family for help.
-Yuks- 6 years ago And despite all this, Urmi's family will still refuse to support Urmi and want her to return to this psycho?
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