Sambhavna & Roshni go fractious to win the title of 'Desi Girl'

Sambhavna Seth and Roshni Chopra are finding it tough to adjust to the rural lifestyle, in Imagine's Desi Girl..

The eight stylish and talk of the town ladies from both television and Bollywood industry bumped up into each other in Imagine's reality show Desi Girl as they procured the idea of the show to be different and interesting, but after the show commencement it seems they aren't finding fulfilling the task an easy deal.

As the saying goes 'Old Habits Die Hard', it holds true for our Sheheri Kudiyan (city girls).

Our little birdie tells us that, "The 8 celebrities had to wake up as early as 3:30 a.m. to start their day by doing household chores. While all the other girls somehow managed to wake up, Sambhavna Seth remained asleep and did not wake up even when Saroj Bala, the lady of the house, switched off the fan".

Our source also added that there's more to the height of laxity, "The glam doll Roshni Chopra went for a walk in the village leaving behind Anmol to do all the work; to add to it, Roshni took all the credit and tried to win brownie points by telling the neighbors that she has been working since morning and has finished all her household chores, which left Anmol fuming with anger".

Now, these actions seriously initiate a necessity to remind the girls the theme of the show which says, 'Jisme Hain Desi Gunn Wohi Banegi DESI GIRL'. (the girl who adapts to the village lifestyle will win the title of Desi Girl.)
To catch a glimpse of these girls' struggle to adapt themselves to the village life, tune in to Desi Girl on Saturday, May 22nd, at 9PM on Imagine.  

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Comments (16)

Can't agree more with all the people who have been posting about Roshni. She is very kniving, selfish and ugly desigirl wanna be. She backstabs her own 'friends' without any hesitation, and sweet talks on their face. She gets on my nerves, can't stand her.

13 years ago

I am pretty sure they never went to any village in Punjab, but just built up a set in Mumbai and created all the drama.

13 years ago

i loved the show but hated Roshni,,,,FAKE she is

13 years ago

it's fun till it i'm not complaining!

13 years ago

i think this is all fake and scripted. i remember reading somewhere that the girls were even asked to bring all the dresses and outfits they wear in the village.

13 years ago

I saw the episode in which Roshni played Anmol in a witchy way by dumping all the work on poor Anmol. I could not stand the way she was behaving over all. She is a true B****. she should be kicked out for what she did.

13 years ago

roshni, is so freaking fake, she's lyk a barbie doll, i pity her partner, she sucks, if she can't do this stuff, she doesn't deserve to be in the competition 1st of all!

13 years ago

Theme is very good, but the girls dresses are horrible. One should think twice before wearing these reveling dresses. It does not suit the village background. So dont feel like seeing the show.

13 years ago

roshni is such a drama queen . she could not even catch hold of one hen. anmol is hardworking she deserves a better partner. roshni is nakhray baaz :P

13 years ago



13 years ago

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