Salman, never act your age!

The zest of the forty - seven year old actor on Zee’s Dance India Dance, has made everyone quote this line!

Many a times we cringe watching celebs not acting their age. But in the case of Salman Khan, no one seems to be complaining.

Says our source, "Salman was the celebrity guest on Zee's Dance India Dance. After seeing all the contestants perform so enthusiastically, Salman too got tempted to shake a leg with them. The lucky contestants Vandana and Kruti were only happy about Salman's decision to jiggy with them."

Adds the source, "Terrence apparently, wanted Salman to do some acrobatic stuff on cables too. But Salman was a bit unsure if he can pull it off. Terrence did a fine job of egging Salman on, when he told him - Salman, you are very strong. I'm sure you can do it! This statement got Salman going and he performed mid-air, giving the audience another chance to gape at him."

However, there was one thing that Salman denied flatly. Says the source, "When Salman saw the boys lifting the girls up during one performance, he frankly stated- This is something I just can't do. I may lift heavy weights, bench-press more than most men do but I can never lift a woman that high up in the air!"

Guess sometimes you 'have' to act your age!

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Comments (16)

well even if he turns 50 i will love him the same way when he was 22 or 25
but i need not correct as many others
have already corrected....

14 years ago


salman is has turned 44 last december, he was born on 27th december 1965 in indore,(M.P.)

SALMAN IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST SUPERSTARS,his mania n fan-following is talked about everywhere
how can u write an article with such wrong facts

anyways salman is a complete ROCKSTAR,age doesn't affect him

He is luking sooooooo dashing n handsome in VEER,age hasn't touched him in any manner n he was just being modest in saying he cannot lift a women

there is an intresting record about salman that in his almost every film- hum apke.., pyar kiya to daran ky,, mujhs shadi karogi,, dulhan hum le jayenge,, HUM SATH SATH HE,, He has lifted his leading lady in his strong arms

oh I WISH...

14 years ago


<3 ♥

14 years ago

Sallu's NOT 47! He's only 44 and still a heart throb. *sigh* I love Sallu!

14 years ago

Salman khan rocks and be is 44
he was born on 27ty december and soo was I!!!!:D

14 years ago

How can you possiby be off on someone's age by 3 whole years? Salman is only 44.

14 years ago

Saw the clips of it on Aaj Tak, he looks so hot!!!

14 years ago

this is soi sweet..

and no he is 44 he was born on 27th dec 1965

14 years ago

He turned 44 last December.


Looking forward to the episode.

14 years ago

LMAO he is 45 not 47...
anyway sallu rocks

14 years ago

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