Salman Khan's farmhouse faces security breach attempt

Reportedly two unknown men entered Salman Khan's Panvel farmhouse.

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Salman Khan

Following the recent death threats issued to Salman Khan by the notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, the actor has been under heightened security measures. Reports indicate that Salman received a new death threat on social media post the release of his latest film, Tiger 3, prompting a review of his security arrangements by the Mumbai Police.

In a startling development, two individuals attempted to illegally enter Salman's Panvel farmhouse, as reported by The Times Of India. The incident occurred on January 4 when the accused, identified as Ajesh Kumar Gila and Gurusevaksingh Sikh, both 23 years old and residents of Fazilka district in Punjab, allegedly tried to breach the farmhouse by jumping over the fence.

The farmhouse manager, Shashikant, promptly alerted security guard Mohammed Hussain, who apprehended the intruders. The duo, claiming false identities as Maheshkumar Ramnivas and Vinod Kumar Radheshyam from Balia district in Uttar Pradesh, contradicted the details on their Aadhar cards. Consequently, they were arrested for trespassing and forgery.

In response to the increased security threats, Salman Khan was accorded Y+ category security by the Mumbai Police, and in 2022, he obtained a gun license for personal protection. The actor had also started using a bulletproof car for his travels.

Recently seen in the successful film Tiger 3 alongside Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi, Salman Khan's security has been a paramount concern.

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