Salman Khan writes his blog...

Check out Salman Khan's blog - as he writes, talks about his experience so far with the show Dus Ka Dum...

Check out Salman Khan's blog as he writes, talk about his experience so far with the show and day to day happenings...

Here is an excerpt from his blog written on May 21st 2008...

I still remember the day when my brother Sohail Khan, who always dreams big, thinks different, brought the proposal to anchor a show for Sony Entertainment Television. I had my reservations. The idea sounded so impractical that I rejected it even without giving it much thought. All my decisions are based on my instinct and some people think that I am too moody and cynical. But believe me I have been guided by my instincts and my heart all my life! I do not depend too much on intelligence, analysis and calculations… I believe in poet Adam who has said: " Aakal har kaam ko zulum bana deti hai…". Some meaning is lost in the translation-- that intelligence begets torture and torment and man is lost in deep thought and often feels ashamed of things that have never happened!

However, Sohail, the eternal optimist, and family friend Ajay Chhabaria have tremendous patience and endless power of persuasion. They kept asking me to look into the format closely. Their patience and perseverance paid dividends…

My experience of playing guest contestant in a show had taught me that simple inability to answer questions may humiliate a person in presence of millions of viewers. All such shows have that inherent humiliation. As a matter of fact most students do not ask questions in classrooms is only because of the fear of being refuted by the teacher and the thought of being ridiculed & booed by fellow students.

Questioning has been a taboo and there's social stigma attached to it which is quite unnecessary. Ours is a very obedient society. We have created an atmosphere in which ignorance has become bliss. What attracted me to the format of 10 Ka Dum is that there is no false shame and sense of humiliation if your answer is wrong. Sample survey has determined the exact answers in form of percentage and nearest to the exact answer is the winner.

This game is simple. It is a game of guessing.

So here I am convinced & ready to go…The format attracted me…and how! Stay connected will be back tomorrow....


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Dabang dvd release was there, all were there audience arbaaz khan malaika and sonakshi but not salman. we were standing from 2hours just to see you andget the dvd signed by you. but your brother said that you were not well so you dint turn up and i was broken completely. i just hope to see you in other you alot :)
and yes i have seen dabaang 4times and wanted 6 times but i still cant get enough of you.
wish to meet you soon <3

13 years ago

assalamalaikum,arz hai
'jane kyu log mohabbat mai daga dete hain ,khud ki nazron se muhabbat ko gira dete hain unko maaloom kya ahsas e muhabbat kya hai, log kis tarah muhabbat mai wafa dete hain'

13 years ago

Gudevening salman......How r u swtheart....m poonam....
Salman m nt knowing tht wether i m on the right track to mak a contact wit u....i hav mailed u a lot of times but in vein....still to m tring hard to get through tis n mak a note tht i m nt goin to sit like tht......whenever i check my mail my heart starts runnig so fast in curiosity tht i would receive at least one mail frm u.......really desperate to get in contact wit u....please read my message n do reply soon.......god bless u a lot.....

14 years ago

hi salman .......hw r u sweetheart......m poonam frm daund....salman i dnt knw wether u read our messages which we leave for u on this blog knw salman i have fallen in love with you wen i was in 3rd standard....u r my first love....but if you ask me about ur likes n dislikes i dnt knw nething.....cos loving u isnt based on knowing u n releated wit ur fame....its ur eyes which drove me closer to u n in love to you....belive me its ur eyes which express ur heart n ur kindness to all....always remain the same human being....
salman i want to ask u one thing......pleeeeeaaaaasssseee would u fulfill my one dream,my one wish,of meeting u in my lifetime that to my B"day tht is 25july.....i knw tht after reading this u might be laughing bt i m really serious....i wloud lik to share one thing wit u .....m hubbies name is Roopesh....havin roopesh as my lifepartnesr is all i want ,but my life wld be a complete jst after meeting u...cos life is incomplete without meeting my first would be the most precious gift for me from god....i knw u r quite busy bt no prob u can call me newhere in this world i will be there for u to meet u..i dont think this is impossible my love.....m waiting for your u....take care.....

14 years ago

hi sir dis is da first time hav i visited ur blog n to tel u sir u r my best pliz email me ur contact if u can sir cz realy wana chat wid u wel i hav been finding ways to b in contact wid u n finally i hav found dis site u r da best n u rock

14 years ago

I liked reading ur blog and confessing ur true feelings about the show. I am inspired by ur brav heart attitude in personal life also. I was never a die hard fan of urs but their is definitely some thing good that compelled me to comment on ur blog. May be the zodiac sign we share and the turmoils in life. Anyways I wish u all the good things in life and may the humanity in u always be alive.

14 years ago

salman bhai mai aap ka sath kaam karna chata huuu.... pls help<br/> my contact number-9807171531<br/> if u any type of job... pls pls sir...

14 years ago

Hi salman matter whatever rumour had cum of u i never believed becoz i knew ur the best,. a person who help so much others is not the one for rumours........................god bless u.......................

14 years ago

bhai plzz aapse Zaruri kaam hai Ek plz help me ... m relly serious n u only help me plzzz

14 years ago

salwalekum salu bhai this is my number 9768021070 i want 2 talk with u me app ka bhaut bada fan hu sharuk apka dusman to mera bhi dusman har sall apke bhirthday pe appke ghar ke nichi atha hu par dikthe hi nahi kay bhai mera nam hai divyanand bhai muje ek bhar phone kar dijiye plz bhai

14 years ago

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