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Salman Khan has a heart of GOLD and his this act PROVES it!

Do you know how much Salman Khan paid the driver of his rickshaw?


Time and again, Salman Khan has expressed his kind and generous side to the world.

And yet again, the superstar has proved that he has a heart of gold!

Yesterday, we reported to you that the Bajrangi Bhaijaan ditched his comfortable SUV and traveled in a rickshaw from Mehboob studio to his residence, Galaxy apartment which is just three minutes away.

The rickshaw ride that would have actually cost him not more than the basic fare, Salman instead paid 55 times more than the actual fare. However, this isn't the first time that he has done this, but it always makes news nonetheless.

As per a report in a daily, "Salman apparently paid Rs 1000 for the ride (for a distance which would have hardly cost him Rs 18).

Apart from surprising the driver, the actor, on his way back home, even obliged his fans with pictures.


Salman Khan

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