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Salman Khan gets emotional, says he has always been unlucky in love

Superstar Salman Khan says he has been unlucky in love...


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Salman Khan's link ups and break ups have always made headlines. On one hand there are his fans and dear ones who are eagerly waiting for the actor to tie the knot and on the other hand the actor feels that he has been unlucky always in matters of love.

Recently, the superstar visited the sets of Zee TV's singing reality show and there he was asked about his wedding.

To this the actor got emotional and shared, "I have always been unlucky in this matter, but the public impression about me in this regard is all wrong as I am actually dying to get married and had always been waiting for the other party to agree."

"Men have no say it's the woman who decides it all," Salman added, according to a statement from the channel.

In the past, Salman Khan has dated stars like Sangeeta Bijlani, Katrina Kaif and who can forget his turbulent affair with Aishwarya Rai who is now married to Abhishek Bachchan.

However, now Salman is rumoured to be dating his alleged girlfriend and Romanian actress Ilulia Vantur .

On professional front, Salman is gearing up for the release of his upcoming film 'Sultan' wherein he will be seen playing a wrestler. The movie directed by Ali Abbas Zafar is produced by Aditya Chopra under Yash Raj Films banner and also stars Anushka Sharma in a pivotal role opposite Salman. The movie is all set to hit the silver screens this Eid.


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pakhilover 4 years ago He is the one who quoted "Marriage is not for the lifetime, in which generation are you living in...not happening."
First of all treat women with respect
ChickenSoup 4 years ago Obviously he'll be unlucky in love. In order to be in a relationship, you have to give equal respect to your lover. You cant just beat up women and expect them to stay with you. What a loser this guy is! He disrespects women by making a mockery of rape victims and then starts crying about not finding love.2016-06-24 23:59:32
anjs 4 years ago Just few days back he had said that he would love to have kids but not ready to bear the extra BURDEN of the mother of the child a.k.a wife.

And now he says this... either he has lost it with age and all the medicines he takes to beef up OR he is a damn good actor and using this opportunity to create sympathy for himself post the 'rape' word controversy.
iPerfection 4 years ago He should have gotten married ages ago! Could have kids by now. I think even this Iulia won't last long. He has always put himself in troubles that's why he was never ready to get married. Also the hunger for success is what makes many celeb stop from getting into serious relationship and stay committed. Aishwarya Rai got married when she was at the peak of her career. I think no other actor or actress can dare to do this.
MrDarcyfan 4 years ago I agree he has been unlucky in love. But in these matters one makes their own luck. He just does something to drive these women away, either being over possessive or controlling or whatever.

I used to like him a lot when I was a Teen and still like watching him sometimes on movies coz he brings something to the screen that is watchable. I also feel fundamentally he is not a bad guy, but quite spoilt in some ways, doesn't forgive easily and makes bad choices with words and also actions. These actions have always caused him grief.
anu rulz
anu rulz 4 years ago ROFL!! first he says to have kids it is unfortunately necessary to tolerate a woman..and now he says he is unfortunate in love.. is he always high/drunk when he talks to the press??
Navjia 4 years ago Maybe if you had treated them better..2016-06-25 00:22:42
mehak_kapoor 4 years ago Reshma Shetty took over IF2016-06-24 05:31:58
rs-shailu29 4 years ago Lol is he unlucky in love or flurt who goes with all possible ladies around and even the ladies he had he broke there hearts by cheating now why this emotional drama salman don't act like a cat drinking a milk with eyes closed and it thinks no one sees it anyways stop sympathy drama apologize in press meet end this issue
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