'Salman is not my Secretary' - Katrina Kaif

Catch the gorgeous Katrina Kaif hit out on allegations in this week's B Biz talk on Zee Music with Taran Adarsh...

Every week on B Biz, Taran Adarsh brings out the hidden information in the life of various celebrities. And this week on hot seat is the beautiful and charming actress Katrina Kaif. Allegations and controversies surround every famous personality and Katrina is no exception either. She has been receiving allegations that she never signs a film without the consent of Salman Khan. And when Taran pointed out the same, the gorgeous actress shoots back saying, “Salman is not my secretary”

When taken the name of Akshay Kumar, she raved on how comfortable she feels working with him.  Katrina also reveals how her family and friends react to the controversies surrounding her. Also do not miss out to watch lovely lass talk about her tryst with the ladies' man, Feroz Khan.

To know all the exciting news going on in the life of Katrina, tune into Zee Music at 10.30 PM on 19th and 20th of December. You can also catch her on ETC at 8.30 PM on the same dates.

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Salman Khan

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Katrina Kaif

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Comments (5)

i think she is so pretty
and her salman khan havent broken up thank god
thanxz 4 d article

16 years ago

want to know a funny story
I was watching the JDJ finale and Katrina K comes on the show. She and Akshay dance in the segment, and my phoy, my dad's sister, she goes Salman Khan marse meaning Salman is gonna go bonkers on you.
SHE WAS KUST KIDDING, but what happened was she said something about him being the secretary and then a i read this article and it said the same.
Anyway she was just joking and laughing about it, she loves Salman Khan though, and the article said the same, so I though it would be owrth mentioning.

16 years ago

oye yeh ladki Akki se kuch ziyadah ki close horahi hai...

Twinkle aunty se complain karni padegi

16 years ago

Kathrina baby u rock.. i wish i had this channel :(

argh, too many stars comin n goingggg :((

I wish she nd salman neva break up..

16 years ago

thanks....i heard they broke up .....i hope not ...i liked them....now too

16 years ago

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