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Salman and Prachi's love story

Bollywood's bad boy Salman Khan is all set to team up with Tellydom's innocent bahu ...


In an unexpected pairing, Bollywood's bad boy Salman Khan has been teamed up with Tellydom's innocent bahu turned B-Town beauty - Prachi Desai!

Despite having fallen off of the endorsement radar for quite some time, Salman was been approached by India's popular washing powder brand, Active Wheel and has recently been seen in a new commercial where he is romancing the cute Prachi.

The ad is set up almost like a Bollywood song where Sallu miyan approaches Prachi who ignores him to continue washing the clothes.  In his typical style, Salman then tells her to wave goodbye to the old washing powder, and welcome the new Active Wheel home.

Also slated to do the voice-over for the advertisement, Salman gave his official statement saying that he was proud to be associated with one of the most respectable brands in India.


Salman Khan Prachi Desai

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