Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai to have a happy ending

Saajan Ghar Jaana Hai to go off air on 25th June with a happy ending…

Published: Monday,Jun 21, 2010 19:14 PM GMT-06:00
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Star Plus show Saajan Ghar Jaana Hai which dealt with the story of a young bride's struggle to make a place for herself in her husband's life which in due course of time unfolded the male lead Amber aka Kunal Bhatia to have two wives, will finally see both the ladies Dhaani aka Barkha Bisht and Sarla aka Jhalak accepting each other and all three unifying together.

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A Little Birdie informed us that, " The last closing episode that would be aired on 25th June will witness both the daughter in laws unifying with each other and all three including the husband decide to lead a happy life together under one roof."

When contacted Barkha Bisht asserted, "Yes, we are going to have a happy ending though personally being attached to Hindu ethos I'm not very convinced by the ending and I'm totally against the concept a husband living with two wives. But as per the storyline is concerned I feel that's the most logical and fair ending they could have taken considering the emotions of both the women."

The last episode will telecast on 25th June, the coming Friday.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Pooja Shenoy.

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rockinMJHT 12 years ago that's 1 of the best news i've heard recently................
thank god this crap time wasting stupid senseless and absolutely meaningless showis ending..............
i hope there is sumthing constructive and worth watching coming up instead of this foolishness.................
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ffkhan 12 years ago They proved that it's a crap show!
I was praying when it'll go off air.
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pallavi25 12 years ago Indian TV is getting better and better! Promoting child marriage, polygamy, female infanticide! Welcome India to the 16th century!
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Thamanna85 12 years ago Very glad its ending, but how can it be happy if he's got too wives.
I think they should have everyone eccept Dhani properly as the DIL, then kill her off. She could die in her SAJAN KA GHAR. Also they have to give Madhu and Gauri a happy ending. I'm only watching cos of them, im guna miss Gauri's music sooo much. Its soooo beautiful.2010-06-22 14:13:10
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princ355 12 years ago yes yes yes yes yes thank god i'm sssssssoooooooooooooo happpppyyyyyyyyyyyy today god this drama had always beeen crap and its better to end it any how and give us more interesting story drmas
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superdupercool 12 years ago uff thanks god the show is ending dont have to watch ambar's face
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Shivani_4u 12 years ago wow gr8 news..
go 2 hell u awl....
awww disgusting show...
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LekshmiPriya 12 years ago thank god.....such a disgusting show i ever watched......
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truerose 12 years ago Wow...congratulation 2 the makers 4 promoting polygamy.They should b ashamed of themselves 2 b showing 2 women accepting their status as if its the most normal thing in the world and living with their "pati parmeshwar"...shame on the makers...!!!
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radhika_2001 12 years ago finally!!!! its ending....i couldnt take this show anymore!!!
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