Safari Ride: Bollywood Actress Turn Into Animals!

Your favorite Bollywood Actresses have over night have turned into animals. Who has turned into what - read on to find out more...

Safari Ride: Bollywood Actress Turn Into Animals!

You loved our Safari Ride with the Bollywood Actors and with popular demand we are back once again with the Safari Ride but this time with the beautiful actresses of B-Town. So ladies and gentleman hope on the ride and we hope you enjoy the special and exclusive Bolly Curry Safari Ride!!!

Rani Mukherjee(Swan)

Swans are considered to have a devoted nature and our Rani is one actress who is completely devoted towards her work. These beautiful beings also have an inclination towards their family, which can be seen by their caring nature. Rani's loving nature towards her family is not unknown and her career chart speaks towards the devotion she has put in towards her work. Rani is a beautiful swan isn't it?

Madhuri Dixit (Peacock)

Peacocks are the most beautiful birds blessed with colors and flare. Madhuri's beauty and charm are famous globally as well as her dancing skills which make her the pride of the Indian Film Industry!  This beautiful peacock is a treat to watch as an actress and a dancer and we all are so glad to have her return to the film industry.  What say folks?

Aishwarya Rai (Fox)

Fox are cunning and very skillful. Instead of working hard, they work smartly and Aishwarya Rai is famous for her intelligence. Skilfully presenting herself, Aishwariya has made a mark for herself in the global arena as she is regarded today as one of the most beautiful and talented actress across the world. Quite a fox, isn't it?

Bipasha Basu (Dolphin)

Dolphins are known for their friendliness and attractiveness. And how can we not compare Bipasaha to dolphins as her slender curves are admired by billions. Her beauty is looked upon in awe and this dolphin definitely has the curves that can make many men drop!  She's got the perfect figure and the perfect curves making her one of the most sought after in the Indian film industry! 

Katrina Kaif (Cat)

Cats are not only friendly by nature but also adaptable to different environments. Not only are they cute but tamed cats are gentle in their movements. Katrina having come from outside the industry has fit in quite well and has a very easygoing nature. Friendly and attractive, Katrina's cuteness has gotten her an infinite fan following as she continues to climb the success of ladder. Here's wishing our Kat all the best for the future!

Kajol (Kangaroo)

Kangaroos are known to be protective about their children and play the role of caretakers very well. Who better than our very own Kajol can resemble a kangaroo as she tries to balance her career with her family life and little one. A good homemaker, Kajol is shooting for the upcoming film My Name Is Khan but has asked her director not to keep too long of a shooting schedule outside India. Now that's a loving mother and wife, what say?

Deepika Padukone (Giraffe)

Giraffe are one of the tallest animals with long legs and Deepika is known for her height and personality. Her slim body and attractive appearance besides her talent has gotten her a lot of fan following with just two films. Today this tall giraffe walks down the lanes of Bollywood proudly and can say that she is here to stay!

Your want more don't you....Well that's it for this ticket! Tell us what you thought about this article and get your ticket for the next Safari Ride. We promise we'll back with more of your favorite actors and actresses on the next Safari Ride. All you have to do is share your opinion with us and tell us who else you want to see on this exclusive Bolly Curry Safari Tour!

Author: Pooja Kabra

Courtesy: Bolly Curry

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