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Sadhna and Alekh heading for splittsville

Seems like the Bidaai couple is heading for splittsville in the coming days…

Published: Saturday,Dec 05, 2009 19:12 PM GMT-07:00
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Rajan Shahi and Star Plus' Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, is in no mood for happy scripts. Already the viewers are disappointed with the frayed cord of unity between the sisters, Ragini (Parul Chauhan) and Sadhna (Sara Khan), which even led to a protest by ardent female followers of Bidaai.

At that time, producer Rajan Shahi had stated that, an amicable storyline, suiting the needs of both the creators as well as the viewers of the show will be framed. However, the way the track has been laid for the days ahead, we doubt if it is indeed 'amicable'!

According to our source, "Sadhna, who is the prime witness in the ensuing court case, will refuse to budge to her in-laws wishes. She will staunchly stand by the truth and tell that Ranbir (Kinshuk Mahajan) undeniably killed the goon who troubled her. This results in deepening Ranbir's legal crisis. Sadhna's in-laws extremely detest her utter disregard for the overall well-being of the family and ask her to move out of Rajvansh Haveli. Alekh too will disown Sadhna. He gets ultra upset over Sadhna's attitude."

We spoke to Angad Hansija aka Alekh who says, "If you go to see the present scenario, you'll find that Alekh is keen on improving himself so that he can make his parents happy. He is super focused on his work. His primary aim right now is to make progress. He is really not taking in any of Sadhna's works or words."

When questioned whether Alekh will disown Sadhna he says, "Yes, there is a probability of such things happening. Because if like you say, Sadhna does go against Alekh's parents' wishes and tells the truth, which further pushes Ranbir into trouble, then yes Alekh will feel bad. He might end up reacting very harshly to Sadhna because when Ranbir can save her from trouble, why can't she reciprocate the favor?"

We tried contacting Sara Khan, but she remained unavailable for comments.

Reporters: Srividya Rajesh, Susan Jose
Author: Susan Jose

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rano- 13 years ago Can't believe this.
Please leave Angad and Sara alone, they are the best thing on tv.
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Yuvika_15 13 years ago even if she does tell the truth, he should gt away with it becoz he acted in self defence... m sure he can gt out of it..but u knw they jus wna cause problems for ragini n sadhna
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-ParidhiHolic- 13 years ago alekh wil disown sadhna yehi toh aur bura hai
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sayeed007 13 years ago oh nooooooooooo!!!! why do u do this drama? every fans r shocked to hear this. they don't like that. i'm very sad to hear this... pls don't say this...
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-ParidhiHolic- 13 years ago agar isse sadhna khush hoti hai toh let her out of house
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Lady_Impala 13 years ago for once i want to see sadhana khush...yaar this is not on.... please rajan sir stop making sadhna's life miserable.... she just got her happiness back and now woh bhi.
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TahriinaBengali 13 years ago rajan sir wat r u doing hw loong do we hav 2 wait wat kind of a stupid track is this, this is destroying sadha's character and ragini's trust <3
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dharaa 13 years ago GOOD for the forum and for many of we'll get some peace in the forum thank fully

anyways, CT's better change the idea and please give sadhna some happiness as well, tired of seeing her cry everytime for everything
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sanw 13 years ago I am just ahting the track! good I stopped watching the show!
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gawker 13 years ago and so the good always suffer on tv...tears forever for sweet and true sadhana.
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