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Sachin Sharma's innovative website for celebrities..

The famous Krishna from Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki aka actor Sachin Sharma, has come up with a brilliant new idea for his own website, that will be completely celebrity based...

Published: Thursday,Jul 23, 2009 15:30 PM GMT-06:00
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If you thought Sachin Sharma was taking a relaxing break from work, then you are wrong. The actor has been keeping himself busy working on the unique website that he has planned to launch very soon.

Sachin Sharmas innovative website for celebrities..
According to a very reliable source from the industry, "Sachin has launched a one-of-a-kind website, a world celebrities website, where the sellers are uniquely celebrities only. The site enables the celebrities from all across the world to sell many of their personal things  on the website, right from their key chains to their cars."

"Designer Rohit Verma and actress Soumya Tandon are already a part of the website's growing member list. Rohit Verma, the very renowned designer who has designed attires for Kangana Ranaut is all set to make many more such classy ones for the common man who wish to place orders on the site", elaborates our khabroo.

Our source further adds, "Also featuring in the site will be the clothes worn by the youngest Bahu of Television, Anandi in the COLORS show Balika Vadhu. The gorgeous dresses worn by Akshara aka Hina Khan in the Star Plus show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai are also put up for sale."

"The website has been designed very aesthetically, keeping in mind all the requirements of the celebrities as well as the buyers. For example when you scroll over a picture of a jewelry set then automatically an enlarged picture comes up giving the potential buyer a better view of the product," verbalizes the source.

If sources are to be believed, Sachin Sharma who has been working on getting this site up and ready for few months now, will soon be organizing a press meet to officially declare and talk about the site.

We tried calling Sachin Sharma but he was unavailable for a comment.

Indeed this is one innovative way to bring celebs and their fans closer!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Susan Jose

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asmcx @asmcx 14 years ago HEY THE NAME OF HIS WEBSITE IS www.sbuy.in
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TD @tsfme 15 years ago k..I love Hum Tum..for its overall charm
Its a re-watchable film

I love Mujhse Dosti Karoge for its music
n honestly I liked Bebo's performance
when she finds out about the bangle

I love Fanaa..because it was Kajol Di's comeback film
Aur the music is haaye..Tara *Ghiri*..lolz..Love the music

I liked TPTM..par the film did drag a lot of the time
Wouldn't consider it a flop..More of an average film

Overall I think big prod n all should concentrate on
Content..as in the storyline..n all
Most the films seen to be remakes of Hollyflicks

Chak de india was like any other sports hollyflick
Par there was a unique charm there..Plus SRK
was not SRK..he was Kabhir Khan..what a guy..rofl

So yah if they really want to entertain viewers
Then they need to concentrate on entertaining
Not on casting the latest couple..Star etc etc

The STORY..needs to be given its rightful importance
As thats what most important in any film..k yah..abh

Bhaashan over..lmao
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TD @tsfme 15 years ago Aur haan..Kunal gave Saif his re-break as a
ole ole solo hero with Hum Tum

Aur Saif..Gave Kunal his 1st hit..Hum Tum
So they are equal..In certain terms
yah..nothing is permanent in the industry
Kal dekhenge..Kunal aur Saif..Kya karte hain

Good luck to both
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TD @tsfme 15 years ago Its good to be friends in the industry
par no 1 should take each other for granted

Kunal is a capable director/producer n all
Hum Tum did so well because it was an original film
compared to Mujhse dosti karoge, Fanaa n TPTM

He should concentrate more on making a film an all rounder
Aur not get carried away with casting stars for their name
yah a good opening is guaranteed with a star
Par they have to be suitable for the role

Although Saif does have talent..I think he could have done
Far more better in TPTM..Rani was surprisingly good
yah no one should let success go to their head
Every1 needs each other..So they should respect n value that

Saif is thinking like an actor
Who has been doing side roles for many years
An actor who has finally had some solo success
Is he wrong?

Is a friendly equation more important than
The career he has been dreaming of?

No one does any favors in the industry..without
Some sort of personal gain..no one
Does that make everyone bad?..Hmmm

My funda in life is..Live n let live
I suppose thats why I'm so happy 24/7..lmao
Par yah I wish Kunal overcomes this
Aur Saif concentrates on his career rather than..tattoos
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Marion @rakeshp2 15 years ago glad that Saif's bubble has burst - he thinks no end of himself more so now that he has Kareena
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Jasmine @Jasmine... 15 years ago yeah..true evn i dont like saif..i juz hate him...
wats kunals fault??
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mesmerized @mesmerized 15 years ago saif is such an pigheaded idiot how is it kunals fault dt da film flopped? besides alot of bolly filmz r flopping like hot cakes recently i wonder y probly becoz pepz in bollywd hve gone mad they shud release filmz @ a tme i mean hellooooo u need money to go out n watch 10 moviez in a month!!!! - i hve so given up wiv bolly filmz i feel exhausted by them...

saif iz so annoying kunal shud be happy hiz out ov da pic there r million other TALENTED pepz out there!
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