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Sab TV's FIR completed 150 episodes ...........

Sab TV’s FIR completed 150 episodes and the whole team was there to celebrated this success.

Sab TV's FIR completed 150 episodes and the whole team was there to celebrated this success.


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fizzles 11 years ago I agree with people that miss Shiv Pandit. I think he was one of the main reasons why F.I.R has become a success. His chemistry with Kavita was too good and his scenes with Gopi and Gugule were adorable. Sorry to say, Ali Asgar cannot match Shiv Pandit's screen presence and Shiv should have been at the success party. Ali has done nothing for the show, whereas Shiv has a major contribution to the show's success. Since his departure, the show has definitely lost it's charm. Therefore I stopped watching it. The naughty Makkhan Singh is missed!!
parii2 11 years ago me 2..i also have not seen any episode since Shiv's exit..he was the jaan of the show along wid oders..Ali asgar is not that great....shiv ko wapas lao plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
deepika9999 11 years ago I have never seen a single episode since shiv's exit..instead I prefer 2 watch old episodes..Ali has no chemistry with Kavita..Shiv n Kavita looked gr8 together..Poor chap(shiv) left the show due to differences with Kavita..
AshiYuvi4life 11 years ago YAY! I love this show! I wish Shiv was still in it though. I can't believe he quit just because him and Kavita can't get along. Makkhan Singh was the best part! I really don't like Ali in this show.
safeplacetoland 11 years ago Shiv Pandit isn't in the show anymore? Why?
radha_8 11 years ago I know....i miss Makhan Singh as
AlexithyMia 11 years ago m missin Iqbal azad d original Hanuman prasad.
aashmi 11 years ago Great!!! But im missing shiv pandit :((((
arjun-arohi 11 years ago congrats and keep it up now i dont get time to watch it but i loved its first season
sweetgalFats 11 years ago Congo F.I.R....... Keepup the gud work.......
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