Saarthi taken to newer heights!

As Saarthi completes 600 episodes, Neela Telefilms bring in a fresh touch to the show to bost the TRPs. Read on...

Neela Telefilm's popular show Saarthi has been a household favourite for quite some time. The show only seems to be hitting new marks as time passes. The show recently finished 600 episodes and is still going strong. Further, they are in for an altogether new look with a renovated set and introduction of four new cast members.

The new characters namely Gurprreet Singh of Kaahin To Hoga fame (Rudr), Rajiv Bharadwaj (Ashkh), Krishna Kohli and Shraddha Sharma (Mohini) have been introduced with the three year leap the show has taken.

Interestingly this happens to be the first leap the show has taken in a span of three years which it has been running. The main idea behind getting the new cast and taking a leap was to bring an element of freshness into the show and keep the audience's gripped.

An elated producer Asit Modi says, " I understand my duty as a producer and maker of a daily soap. We have been doing very well, but I need to give something new to my audience. We cannot be dragging the show without substantial material to show. We want to bring a new, fresh, younger and a modern look into the show and I have full faith in these new actors that they will take my show on a higher level."

All the old characters remain in the show and even though Saarthi is a daily show, its USP lies in its treatment. The story line is based on Mahabhartha and hence relevant at any point of time. Written By Jayesh Patil and directed by Irfan, Saarthi definitely seems to be the favourite among audiences.

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pri_rocks 2007-10-20T07:21:04Z heya....
jst wantd 2 knw dat wil by any chance raahil azam return 2 dis show?????
~*puja*~ 2007-10-19T13:01:45Z Looks interesting, but the show hasn't been the same since Karan Grover and Neha left... but hoepfully this leap can spice things up again!
k-ekta fan
k-ekta fan 2007-10-19T04:39:22Z shw started 2 rox as gurry cme in d shw.....
culgal86 2007-10-19T01:12:42Z hey ....


love the show
Gracella 2007-10-18T18:02:45Z I'm watching the show now for Gurpreet only!!
maha786 2007-10-18T17:03:58Z the set of saarthi def looks all glamourised thx for the article
pinky no1
pinky no1 2007-10-18T16:00:49Z Gurpreet Singh rocks,m watching this serial only for our Gurpreet n also all Guru fans watching for him only.
charmed ones
charmed ones 2007-10-18T13:35:10Z let's see what bhumi destiny takes turns
pomegranate 2007-10-18T12:04:59Z thanxs the set is awsome!!!!!!!! lokks great I wish I lived in a house like that.
Mistyy 2007-10-18T11:00:24Z thanks..though doesn't it look like Viruddha set??
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