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Rupali Ganguly says, ''I wish my father was here to see Anupamaa'

Rupali Ganguly recently got talking about her show Anupamaa and she had quite the insight to give, while also adding how she has been keeping busy, among other things. Read more about it here.

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One daily soap that has been rightly creating a stir on Indian television is Anupamaa. It sees Rupali Ganguly take on the lead role as a Gujarati housewife, Anupamaa, and her journey of breaking stereotypes. The show has been doing very well with the audiences and the numbers are proof of the same. Says Rupali, ''It’s a journey back to reality for the Indian soap.'' She also went on to highlight how she is still reeling under the impact and that there is not enough time given the rush to complete episodes, especially during the Corona times.

During her interview with SpotboyE, she spoke about her apprehensions of shooting because of her 7-year-old son and mother-in-law, however, she credits producer Rajan Shahi and director Romesh Kalra for getting her on board. She also recalled how during her early days, when she worked with the producer in Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, she preferred to take a holiday over keeping up with shooting deadlines and how Rajan sir asked her if she is still the same. She reveals how she told him that while she is the same, she has added focus upon her work with discipline.

Talking about the time constraints, she says, ''How do I know how much it’s been appreciated when I don’t even have time for my husband and son?  Soon they won’t recognize me! But I’m not complaining. The success of Anupamaa was expected. The director spares no efforts to make every episode authentic and appealing. My character speaks, dresses, and behaves like an ordinary housewife. Even the sarees that you see me wearing are all sootee (cotton). These details from the working class have been appreciated by the audience. They had not seen a serial about their own life for a long time.

Rupali also credits husband Ashwin Verma for urging her to do the show while he looked after their son and stayed home, and for that, she feels blessed. On being asked if there's a regret she has, she adds how she wishes that her father could have seen the show given how he has given us some of the most memorable films with strong female characters. She also adds how he never got his due recognition and he would have been proud of her had he seen Anupamaa.

Rupali Ganguly Anupamaa 

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surabhi01 3 months ago Her father has also made one another movie that is saaheb staring anil Kapoor and amrita Singh and child rupali played small role in saaheb movie child rupali ganguli seen for few seconds in saaheb movie after when saaheb ( anil kapoor) was donating his one of major organ in hospital to get money for his sister marriage
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