Rubina Dilaik got clicked by her boyfriend and it turned into the most DREAMY photoshoot

It's mesmerizing...


Rubina Dilaik aka Soumya from Shakti... Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii had the most dreamy photoshoot. 

Abhinav Shukla of Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai fame is known for his amazing photography skills and has a collection of breathtaking shots. And this time around, he turned the lens on his girlfriend. 

The actress put out a little teaser and we knew it's the making of a new photo series -

She nailed it in a series of stunning beach side pictures. 
The actress looked sexy in a natural look with her hair styled in beach waves and a flower crown as an accessory.
She went from boho beach babe to gypsy in a jiffy. And, the result is amazing. 
This sun-kissed picture is sultry and the perfect portrayal of what a summer in sun and sand looks like.

Don't you agree? 


Abhinav Shukla Rubina Dilaik Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain  Shakti... Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii 

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Kazimierz 3 years ago Rubina you looking marvellously beautiful stay bless and keep rocking
SRK999 3 years ago I am your huge fan Rubina Dilaik. love you.honestly you are getting more beautiful day by day.
MuskaanRubina 3 years ago Wow Rubina Dilaik you are looking beautiful dear.great click by Abhinav Shukla.love you Rubina Dilaik.
Srigayathri 3 years ago Dear Rubina Dilaik.. It's your personal life and nothing to do with the professional life or the role you are playing.. Some people (who call themselves very intelligent, matured) can't even differentiate between personal and professional life.. It's your life and live it the way you want... You are talented and there is no need for you to seek attention from anyone... your performance onscreen speaks itself.. god bless you and Abhinav... Stay happy & blessed.. Keep shining brighter so that all gets enlighten & cleans their dirty thinking..
Operanights 3 years ago Rubina Dilaik you are looking so gorgeous in all this pics.love all of this pics.you are getting more beautiful day by day.
Rosemaria 3 years ago Rubina Dilaik you are the most stylish actress on TV industry.. you are looking so gorgeous Rubina Dilaik. you should do Bollywood projects too.love you.
kanirubina 3 years ago You are looking so beautiful, Rubina it's your life live the way you want..

Haters gonna hate, dogs will keep barking...
Jairaj15 3 years ago It is amazing to see fans loyality and blind faith in their actor/actress. This is social media and all are free to express their opinions..so here I do..surprise to see so many of Rubina fans who claim to have her well being at heart willing to hypocritically support and praise her knowing she is deteriorating and not the person and standard they loved, anyway she is just trying to survive in this profession. Agree that the top actors with talent and beauty don't have to pose vulgar and nude for sex appeal in earning a living. For me Rubina was desperate to rise and influenced to go this route as this is her bf standard. What is disappointing is that after getting a winner as Shakti Rubina is not focus and unprofessional. As I would expect an actor to be committed and during her show especially the high points keeping her PRIVATE life private.. Rubina is not marketing herself but her bf, it seems she wants to create employment for him. What is most obnoxious is that she is using her fame and fans loyality to push these unprofessional degrading images sugar coated as genus and mesmerizing. What is exceptional in posing half exposed on a ocean front but usual sex trash. Rubina has a right to live her life but what is not acceptable is using all to promote her camouflage life and nobody bf. For me viewing television is meant to be engrossing and perceiving the drama as real while it plays and excites me to tune in each day to enjoy. Rubina disappointed me in that she openly daily displays her personal life to distracts and kills the impact of Shakti. Her personal life is not appealing nor interest me in anyway but rather disappointed that with all that talent and beauty is resorting to such low standards to survive
priyasubhan 3 years ago I'm Vivian fan nd respect too for Rubina but dis photos not so good anyways good luck rubi
Rubinafan 3 years ago shocking to see some cmnts here...it her life...she will decide in which way she wants to lead her life...none hv no right ...

love you Rubina Dilaik. you are outstanding. you are looking beautiful and gorgeous . Rubina Dilaik rocks
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