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Romit Raj now turns a killer in Betiyaan...

A huge twist awaits the viewers in Zee's Betiyaan wherein Yuvraj kills his own father Suryakanth...

Published: Monday,Jan 05, 2009 18:09 PM GMT-07:00
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Telly Buzz recently wrote about Romit Raj aka Yuvraj in Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan turning grey. Now to the shock of viewers, he turns into a killer. In the upcoming episodes, he will soon be killing his own father.

Romit Raj now turns a killer in Betiyaan...
“Suryakanth Garodia (Yatin Karyekar) is going to die in the show, and his son Yuvraj will kill him,” says our khabroo from the sets.

Elaborating on the story line our source adds, “It’s Pavitra (Jasveer Kaur) who provokes Yuvraj to kill his own father, and he does it. It will be shown that after killing Suryakanth Garodia, Yuvraj and Pavitra throw the other members of the family out of the house. Now the Betiyaan have no support and get to the streets.”

Well, all this is a result of Yuvraj being brainwashed by Pavitra. “She tells Yuvraj that his father should love him in the same way as he loves his son Naman. Unfortunately, Suryakant does not love Yuvraj as he is his step son. This is what keeps pinching Yuvraj and he ends up killing his father,” quips the source.

“It’s Jhumki (Sonia Singh) who supports her family by working and proves that betiyaan can also be the best support to a family”, adds our source.

What about the marriage of Jhumki? “Well the truth about her being a prostitute earlier comes in light, and Siddharth (Yash Pandit) breaks the relationship,” concludes the source.

Keep watching this space for some more masala on the show.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Aasiyah @aasighazi 14 years ago Ok, I remember reading somewhere that the guy who plays Suryakant was not sure if he would renew his contract to keep acting in the serial because he wasn''t getting paid more money that he wanted...but was waiting to see if the new contract would give him that money. It seems like the contract didn''t go through, hence, they are getting rid of the character altogether from the show. I do want to see Suryakant though because Jhanvi is just getting to know her father and if anyone should die, it should be Menka. Seriously.....Menka is the root cause of all problems and the ultimate reason of Suryakant''s murder plot. Therefore, she should be the one to be killed on the show.......AND keep Surya on the show....give the guy more money for God''s sake.
But I guess this is what the creative heads want.
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Hetal @ibelieveinpink 14 years ago I don''t like this twist,but let''s see what happens!!
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talkativetaurus @talkativetaurus 14 years ago wht the heck ? hw many times same thing ? dnt they have anything new to shw ????
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My Kuromi
My Kuromi @My Kuromi 14 years ago Again? Was he last in line for brains or something? Sheesh!

Thanks for the article.
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Payal Patel @Payal25 14 years ago Omg! Again.. this leads to throwing out of family.
I can''t believe Yuvraj is gonna kill his father! Does the boy learn?!
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xx Natasha xx
Natasha Khan @xx Natasha xx 14 years ago omg i cannot believe this that the dumb boy Yuvraj is going to kill someone. haha lol that is class. lmfao will wait and watch to see how the drama will become. omg why doesnt dumb Yuvraj learn from his mistakes? lol x
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Henna 786
Henna 786 @Henna 786 14 years ago lol.. about 6 months of the TV storyline was written in the article.. Might tune in 6 months time to see the development lol

Thanks for the article tho :)
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