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Romeo's Roadside Gang

Know more about Romeo's Roadside Gang members...

Published: Sunday,Oct 19, 2008 14:49 PM GMT-06:00
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Romeo's Roadside Gang

Kiku Sharda as Hero English

Hero English is one of the four goons, the gang of friends in the slum. He's a typical goon, a ruffian but a bit slow in the head, just like his three friends. Though he looks ferocious, he's a harmless chap. He's been born and brought up in this slum. Even though he has no clue, he's always trying to speak in English, to a very comical effect.

Vrajesh Hirjee as Guru
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Guru is the oldest among the four goons. He is also the wisest among them, though that's not saying much. The other three are always looking to him like an elder brother for advice. He's also a typical street ruffian.

Suresh N Menon as Interval
Interval is the third member of the gang. He's a total film buff

Tannaz Irani as Mini

Mini is the last member of the gang of four. Mini is actually an alley cat who is a wannabe stray dog. She looks up to Guru, Hero English and Interval and wants to be just like them. She is in denial that she is a cat. She refuses to accept that and thinks of herself as a stray dog much to the annoyance of her three friends who keep trying to drill some sense into her that she is no dog, but just an ordinary alley cat.

Charlie's Angels
Romeos Roadside Gang

These three hot looking girls are Charlie's Angels. They are his bodyguards, his hit-girls. They do all the beating up for Charlie.

Sanjai Mishra as Chhainu

Chhainu is Charlie Anna's official spy. He is the yes man. A slimy character, he reports the goings on of the slum to Charlie. He is also responsible for reminding all to pay up their hafta (weekly protection money to Charlie) on pay day. Even though he is Charlie's spy, he isn't exempt from paying the hafta.
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