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REVEALED: All you need to know about 'Kumkum Bhagya's' spin-off, 'Kundali Bhagya'

And here's news of another actor to be seen in the show.


Looks like spin-offs are soon going to be the next new thing. 

Only recently did the Star Plus show, Ishqbaaaz come up with its spin-off Dil Boley Oberoi. And soon there was news about Zee TV show, Kumkum Bhagya coming up with its spin-off under the title of Kundali Bhagya.

As reported yesterday, Dheeraj Dhoopar will be seen playing the lead of the show, Karan. And now, there's news that Manit Jorua will play the role of Rishabh and will be cast opposite one of Pragya's sisters.

The show, as we hear is likely to revolve around Pragya's past, her parents, and sisters. It will so happen that Pragya's father (played by Vijay Kashyap) and mother Sarla (Supriya Shukla) will break off their relationship due to issues in their marriage. 

According to the plot, it will so happen that out of the four daughters that the duo has, two of them will be with Sarla while the other two will stay with their dad. And obviously, the four of them would know nothing about all of this.

As the show will begin, Pragya's father will be shown breathing his last, and that's when he will tell the daughters about their mother and their family in Mumbai.

And, the story will revolve around how they both find Pragya and their mother, and ultimately about how the two of them fall in love with Karan and Rishabh.

The show is most likely to air from July 12, replacing Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani.

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akshi. 3 years ago Ek has definitely lost it kundli bhagya seriously . Original kkb doesn't have any story what will they do with this spin off .
-Ramya- 3 years ago Totally not interested, It doesnt look like spin off its totally new show, and the show name is ... No words o.O
Shaina_b 3 years ago Our of the blue now Pragya has a dad and two more sisters!!!!

Then why is her dadi living with her mom??

And why was this never mentioned before??

Mages 3 years ago this show is a new show rather than a spin off...none of KKB characters and actors are in the show...
mslee 3 years ago Normally I would give shows a watch but I'm not interested. Here's an idea, why didn't they incorporate this story line in the first place, that would have been much better to watch.
Luna99 3 years ago I had a little bit of hope left that the spin off would focus on Purab...Vin is a really good actor.
But you start a show with the same crap concept that KKB had when it began 3 yrs back!
Tsk Tsk.
I wish KKB goes off air soon.
-Ak47- 3 years ago EK is just trying to encash trps for this new show by using popularity of kkb. I don't think any of the core characters of kkb will have much screen space... anyways not interested in this show... atleast they could have shown Purab as the lead & what happened to Bulbul instead of having a new father, his daughters & their love stories..which will again be converted into senseless drama & just like Arnal left, one of the pair may also leave the show due to very less screen space.2017-06-16 06:05:57
LA2725 3 years ago Based on your latest article we need to stop calling this new show Spin-off then..No one from KKB core starcast is going to have major screen space in this new Zee show at 9.30pm..
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