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Remo D'Souza: Dance Plus is one of the highlights of my career

Remo D'Souza talks about Dance Plus' new season and some more on what he thinks about the show, his journey so far, etc.

Published: Thursday,Oct 28, 2021 11:24 AM GMT-06:00
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Remo D'Souza

The dance reality show 'Dance+ 6' which is judged by well known Bollywood choreographer Remo D'Souza, who is called the 'Super Judge' in the show, is all set to start on television after running on an online platform. Remo D'Souza talks about his new season.

Tell us about your journey with the Dance+ Team / Unit?

My journey with Dance+ has been an amazing one. It is one of the highlights of my career. We started with a blank slate and the show eventually went on to be a massive hit. We never knew that this journey is going to be so amazing and that it would grow up to be such a blockbuster and here we are, proudly bringing in the 6th edition to the show! Our motto is to never think of the destination, but the journey, as that's all that matters. To have enjoyed the process. The longer it is, the more fun it gets. So all in all, I can vouch for the fact that this journey has been one of the best ones so far.

How excited are you to present Season 6 to the viewers?

I am immensely proud and excited for the new season. We always bring to the world artists that make a difference in the dance world and this season is going to be no different. Dancers wait for new seasons to be announced and especially this year, they’ve gotten extra time to prepare, courtesy to the pandemic, which I am sure will turn out to be great for them. We’ve gotten some of the best talented dancers of the country on board this season so naturally, I am beyond excited to present this season to the viewers.

Tell us something about your association with Star Plus?

My association with Star Plus has been lovely. I personally adore them as they are the only channel to have actually taken on the risk of bringing in a show to their bouquet that had absolutely no big names on it when it began. There was only an idea that we had and they believed in us. They saw the bright future of the show and that’s where it all began! So yes, the association has been quite successful and I can rightly say that they’ve honestly been my true friends in the industry.

What is the one thing which Season 6 contestants will bring alive for the audience?

The one thing that the season 6 contestants will bring to life for the audiences is the extraordinary talent they possess. This season we’ve got some out of the box talent. We have another really fresh and new thing to put into the mix that nobody has been made aware of before and something else that people have seen but, not how we’ll be putting it out for them. The team has worked extremely hard for this season to also be a successful one, just like the previous ones.

What qualities will you look for in a contestant?

The hard work, passion and dedication for the craft is what we are eyeing for in a contestant. It’s a very unique show where you are expected to just master your craft first and the rest will eventually fall in place. So I would like to see how they have tried to do their best in whatever style they do and their determination towards their art.

How is the team managing to shoot a reality show amid a pandemic?

I must say that the team is managing everything perfectly amid a pandemic. The only drawback is that we could not manage to get a live audience this season, for obvious reasons. There is a different kind of energy with a live audience present on the sets. The cheering and comments make everything even more wonderful. Nevertheless, the team is doing their best, capturing everything as they should and they’re not letting us miss anything that we used to do in the pre pandemic days.


You are a source of inspiration to the youth of this country, who is your source of inspiration during such tough times (pandemic)?

During this pandemic, my family has been a huge inspiration to me. My wife Lizelle, my kids and my mother inspire me everyday and push me to do my best. They never let me down, especially my wife who has been a huge support during these trying times we breathe in. Also, my kids I take a lot of inspiration from.

What is the definition of dance according to you?

According to me, the definition of dance is life. The craft has given me literally everything I have today. Everything I have dreamt of and achieved that I never imagined I would, I owe to dancing. So like said, dance is life to me.

How do you keep yourself updated about the latest dance moves / choreography?

It's through the show that I am able to keep myself up to date with the latest trends and dance moves. It is also my hunger to learn more that helps me in this context. The show keeps me updated on all the new dance forms coming into the picture and how to best perform it. I follow a lot of other dance shows as well as there is a lot to learn from them. Nevertheless, my show Dance+ is the biggest learning platform for me personally.

 Which is one dance form you want to learn in the near future?

I am unsure if I can manage it at this stage and age of life but, the dance form I would very much like to learn in the near future is ‘Ballet’. I’ve always been fond of the style and wanted to learn it. So, lets see what the future holds as they say never give up when it comes to something you love doing which is exactly why I am going to try and learn the said dance form.

Tell us your favorite dance form?

I am fond of all kinds of dance forms, Indian Folk Dance forms being an extremely favourite genre. Also Hip Hop, as people know me for it. And given the fact that I am a huge Michael Jackson fan, I’ve been following him since I was pretty young so naturally, Hip Hop is one dance form that is tremendously close to my heart along with the Indian folk dance forms.

What is the one thing you want to do once the Lockdown is lifted fully in the country?

I would like to do a live show once the lockdown is fully lifted in the country. I want to be able to meet people, be present in the moment and be part of a crowd. Hopefully it’ll happen sooner than later. Keeping my fingers crossed!

After a setback on the health front earlier this year, how does it feel to be back on the sets shooting for this show? How are you coping on the health front?

Yes, I’ve recently had a huge health scare and naturally was truly shaken by it. Being in the dance scene for such a long time and exercising regularly, I was in shock. I do not smoke or consume any alcohol either so I could not understand the reason behind the condition but, I am coping with it really well now. I am back in action with my show and everything else as well so yes, everything’s been great all in all.

Your take on your Captains and Host of the show (Salman, Shakti, Punit & Raghav) 

My Captains and my Host are the backbone of the show. They are the reason why the show is so successful. We have Shakti Mohan who I love to the fullest as she is an extremely hardworking person. She turns her failures into successful learnings and I truly respect that about her. Just like her name, she speaks for strength and woman power. She is all geared up for this season just like the rest of us. Coming to Salman, he is the humblest and sorted guy who is also amazingly talented. I’ve known him since his day 1 in show business and can vouch for his determination and talents. Punit, is the most creative out of the lot. He has been the best student ever. He has been assisting me for quite a while now and here he is, a choreographer, a captain and soon to be a director. Last but not least, Raghav is my darling. He is the heart of the show. The show is what it is today because of him. He keeps us all entertained and excited all the time. He is not just funny but also one of the best artists we have in the current times. They are all my family, not only on the stage but also in real life.

Remo Dsouza Dance Plus 5 

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