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Reet gets her groom in...

Finally the search for a right groom for Reet aka Sana Sheikh in Zee TV’s Mera Naam Karegi Roshan has been accomplished amidst huge drama..

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Post all the pre-marriage preparations and celebrations, Reet aka Sana Sheikh has finally decided with whom she wishes to exchange her marriage vows in Zee TV's Mera Naam Karegi Roshan.

As per the present track all the dance and merriment has finally come to a closure and both the suitors of Reet, Yagya played by Sufi Malhotra and Bheesham essayed by Sahil Anand have reached the marriage venue. But at the door entrance the host realizes that there is some other man in the attire of Yagya aka Sufi Malhotra.

Viewers will be left in a state of intrigue, as the whereabouts of Yagya will not be known!! Wonder where Yagya is??

Well, our khabroo tells us, "Reet's brother Kunwar Kuldeep Singh aka Yashpal Sharma gets Yagya kidnapped so that Reet could get married to Bheesham aka Sahil Anand. So in a state of helplessness Reet begins with the marriage rituals with Bheesham. But as the pheres are being taken, Yagya makes a dramatic entry and stops the marriage from happening".

We hear that Reet will eventually marry Yagya in the coming episodes. However, the shoot of the climax sequence wherein Reet marries Yagya has not been shot till now..

We tried calling Sana Sheikh but she remained unavailable..

Guess it's time for some rejoicing as Reet has finally found her guy!!

Reporter: Ranjini Nair, Pooja Shenoy
Author: Pooja Shenoy

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nikki.171 10 years ago Luv yagya n also reet. wud luv their couple...
i like this show dunno y sum do not lyke it. It deserves higher rankings.
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Laila2009 10 years ago was boring - like she was going to get married to anyone else. I wish she had though, it would have made the storyline more interesting and made this show at least some what different. Since I don't care for either character, it would not have mattered to me...
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Shaz_x 10 years ago @arjun_karan- what do you mean who cares? The fans do of course. This show is quite good.
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-Alone- 10 years ago Finally she gets married with right person. good.
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superstar95 10 years ago yay finally!! but i wish they didnt get her married soo soon!! she shudve shown strong nd confident fightin against her bros nd then she shudve got married!!
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shivani003 10 years ago Iam relieved its Yagya!!! Phew!!!! I was so sure it would be the other guy, bearing in mind thats what seems to happen in serials all the time. But ahhh sigh of relief :)
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mehbeer09 10 years ago thank god yagya is only for reeet,, i love them
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Shaina_b 10 years ago Thank God!!!!!

Reet and Yagya marriage finally!!!!

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LimitLessFan 10 years ago funny , lol never mind as long as reet is going to marry yaguya i hope she have chances r being strong n away from sale saabh ..... lol
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49erFan 10 years ago Thank god, cant have her evil brother win all the time!
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