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Reality show winners concentrate more on looks than music-Kailash Kher

Kailash Kher, one of the Judges for Indian Idol 4 defends the reality show formats and gives his perspective...


Well known playback singer Kailash Kher is quite looking forward to his new role as Indian Idol 4 judge along with Sonali Bendre, Anu Malik and Javed Akhtar. This rag to riches personality who gained name after ‘Aallah Ke Bande’ also defends the reality talent genre in a frank interview.

What got you to join Indian Idol?
I have been associated with Indian Idol before (Guest judge last season). It's a very good platform to find new talent. Have we not heard of cases where people have sold their land to make albums and are now on the street? Here we don't charge a single penny. But there is one problem and that is to separate the good from the ordinary. Many non singers also land up at the auditions with false hopes. And when they get rejected, they create a scene. But we have to focus on only finding true singers.

One major criticism of reality shows is that the winners disappear after some time?
The channel gives them so much exposure, what more can they do. Now it's the singers’ responsibility to start working hard. Their real journey actually begins after the show ends. But it’s sad to see that instead of concentrating on their music, these guys pay more attention to their hair, (applying gel) clothes (wearing torn jeans) and shoes. They even start making girl friends. And this criticism that reality shows dump their finds is totally wrong. Forget the winners, even those who make it to the finals have managed to buy their own houses in Mumbai, which is no small task.

Your take on the SMS voting?
Agreed SMS may have some biases but then similar mistakes can be made by the judges as well. Even if we accept the argument that the best singers do not win, they alone will survive in the long run, for this industry only recognizes talent.

Public perception is that the judges' fight is all staged?
Pubic perception is very short lived. As for differences of opinion, they are bound to happen. Don't our MP's make big scenes in Parliament, but no one accuses them of drama?

Don't you think reality shows have been done to death?
Yes given the large number of similar shows, quality has dropped.

Your previous reality show, Mission Ustaad bombed..
I am very proud to be associated with that great show, for it stressed on the UN Millennium Development goals, a hope, I sincerely believe in. As for the show not doing well, these things happen. Firstly 9X is still a fledging channel and secondly when you have to compete with scantily clad girls, your ratings are bound to suffer. Author: Anil Merani


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