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Real Couple get Engaged in Reel LifeBarkha and Indraneil

On the sets of Doli Sajake, the real life pair Indraneil Sengupta and Barkha Bisht talk about their marriage plans and future...

Published: Monday,Jan 28, 2008 16:30 PM GMT-07:00
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Sahara One's Doli Saja Ke is on a new high, as it is time for some celebration as the protagonist Anupama, played by Barkha Bisht is getting engaged to Daksh, played by Indraneil Sengupta.

The Telly Buzz team caught up with the off screen couple Barkha Bisht and Indraneil Sengupta on the sets of their reel engagement and got up close with them as they spoke about their own plans to tie the knot in the near future.

The inevitable question, so how did the two of you meet each other?

Well we met each other on the sets of Pyar Ke Do Naam Ek Radha Ek Shyam.

And how did it proceed thereafter?

Indraneil: (smiles), well on the sets of Pyar Ke Do Naam, we weren’t even friends to begin with. We got to know each other better only after the shooting was over

Barkha: Obviously we weren’t friends, because he was a real snob. He wouldn’t even bother saying a simple Hi. We became friends when shooting outdoors more due to boredom and no company.

So then who took the first step?

Indraneil: Neither actually. We just realized that we actually missed each other’s company, after which we started hanging out more often, going for dinner,having coffee etc.

Barkha: Yes, It was a mutual feeling and went forward from there.

You’ll just shot an engagement scene for Doli Saja Ke, so is it a rehearsal to your engagement?

Indraneil: I thought it would be a rehearsal but after shooting I am having second thoughts as I had to dance like a crazy guy here and wouldn’t be caught dead doing the same for the engagement, knowing how bad my dancing skills are (laughs).

Barkha: Apart from dancing, it definitely is like a rehearsal especially for Neil because he is absolutely clueless about the traditions and customs to be followed at a wedding; so it is a learning experience for him.

Rumors are around that you’ll have plans to tie the knot this year, so when's the D-day?

Indraneil is very secretive as he says, the D-Day is not finalized ye,t but it will happen soon.

Barkha, on the other hand says, Oh yeah everyone knows that by now. We are getting married in March for sure, but the date is not finalized yet.

You both have worked together in Pyar Ke Do Naam earlier and now in Doli Saja Ke, how does it feel sharing the same screen space together?

Indraneil: It is nice and easier working with Barkha. We can co-ordinate our timings. And being a couple there are no misunderstandings between us. Even if there are, we can easily sort them out.

Barkha: It’s just like working with another co-star. Neil is a very professional actor. And we have been seeing each other for over a year, so the initial budding stages of the relation aren’t there now; so we are very comfortable working together and obviously we get to spend a lot of time together.

And how was the experience dancing on the Nach Baliye platform?

Indraneil: Oh that was very excruciating for me because I am a very bad dancer. But being on Nach Baliye platform and dancing with Barkha was a wonderful experience. It was also very good publicity and exposure for us.

Barkha: It was a very nice experience for me because I love dancing but I don’t think Neil enjoyed so much as he is not very fond of dancing. Apart from that, it also brought us a whole lot closer because I realized how much he loved me and agreed to participate for my sake.

What does future have in store for both of you?

Indraneil: Together we have no other projects. Most of our time goes shooting for Doli Saja Ke. We will be doing a few dance shows together too. I have just finished shooting for a film called 1920 by Vikram Bhatt.

Barkha: We really don’t have time for any other projects because we spend most of our time shooting for this show. Other than this show, I am anchoring on Zoom but currently this is our only project on television together.

Well whatever their plans, we sure hope to see them together on screen in future too and wish the couple a fabulous life ahead !

Reporter and Author: Melanie

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Asandhimitra @LadyMacbeth 9 years ago love you Indraneil Sengupta , you are freaking sexy maan !!!
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Masooma Bukhari @MasoomaBukhari 12 years ago i love them..

i still remember each and every episode of PKDN... miss it so much...!
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Niharika Jain @Ultimate_Shadow 15 years ago oh wow i could see their waves in pyaar ke do naam also...both were wonderful in that show and this show too..

all the best to them!!!!
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S226079 15 years ago This content is hidden.
indiangirl31 @indiangirl31 15 years ago inderneil is sooo hot<3 he looks like a Greek God!lol
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Maha @maha_786 15 years ago my best wishes 'r wid dis handsome & beautiful couple, I wish every1 cud be like them so caring and loving towards each other
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tina srestra @tina_sre 15 years ago ALL THE BEST! NB...thankx 4 sharing the gr8 news.
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Sonali @adventure_gurl 15 years ago thanks for sharing! all the best to them!
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babypink&lt;3 @babypink&lt;3 15 years ago awwww im soo happy for them .
they are soo cutee .. barkha's gorgeouss && neil is SEXYY<33
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rupi b
rupi b @rupi b 15 years ago omg theyre so cute....so happy for them! =)
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