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Rashmi Sharma to tie the knot!

Rashmi Sharma, the brain behind Saath Nibhana Saathiya is all set to tie the knot with director Pawan Kumar..

Rashmi Sharma the brain behind the popular show Saath Nibhana Saathiya is all set to tie knot in real life.

Rashmi Sharma who has made many popular shows and her current show on Star Plus in also ruling the TRP roost, will tie the knot with Pawan Kumar, the director of the show on 28th June.

We contacted the groom who refused to comment anything. However, we managed to get in touch with Rashmi who confirmed the news –"The sangeet is on 25th June and wedding is on 28th June."

We wish the couple a happy married life!

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Medha Parashar


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 

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amudharai 8 years ago All know Gopi character is reel but doing injustice to the viewers without any formal anouncement,and axing Gia for participating in reality show is shame. Why she doesn't bother about the Real life of actors ,when she want her real life to be happy.She should think others also like her own life..Not spoiling it
t0xiicxkiis3s 8 years ago wow aren't you guys being a little harsh I mean I agree i was devastated when Giaa left the show but remember this lady gave you guys 2 years of a great show im sure that it is not only her fault that giaa got replaced other people had to do with it to but giving her all these curses and says all this stuff is crazy! remember this is just a show not your life story you can hate me all you want but it is the truth
--HANISA-- 8 years ago you have lots of curse from all sns fans special our gohem aka giaa naz chemistry you have spoil it you dont deserve to be happy i wil pray in ome year or six months your husband change just like you have change giaa i will never wish you a happy married life you will just have sorrow in it be happy with it you will not be in peace until you dont do justice with giaa to bring her back .
Madhura2105 8 years ago Thanks for ruining GoHem Love Story and SNS...

Congratulations for your marriage...2012-06-27 06:21:05
deebasd 8 years ago Guys the lady is getting married in real life, so please do not confuse it with her work decisions, please realize the serial and her real life are 2 different entities, agreed some of you are really angry with what happened in SNS but pls be considerate and state your views and dislikes at the appropriate avenue...
Anyways wishing the 2 of them good luck and congratulations!

PS. Did not mean to offend anyone, its just some of the remarks by members have absolutely nothing to do with the article posted
avnirao 8 years ago pleae bring our gia back,..this is the best gift you give us on the eve of your marraige,.
thala 8 years ago you spoiled the career of our pyari gia if you really want to escape the curses of her fans bring her back to show before your marriage
-Nafisa- 8 years ago We all hate you for ruining Saathiya, just bring back Giaa manek and we can be friends again...afterall do you really want to piss us off, afterall we are the same ones you target to watch these shows of yours, because you've ruined Saathiya we will turn against any show you produce now. Just do the decent thing and bring Giaa back and make us happy.
_Nancy_ 8 years ago I wise you guys get separate. you do'nt deserve any happiness in your life. We do'nt care for you. I do'nt know why people post such a stupid article. Just wasting our time. Go to hell you b...2012-06-21 14:18:28
Chaccha 8 years ago Congratulations to you and him!!!! I'm sure you both will come up with great concepts for other shows.
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