Rani Mukerji reveals what drew her to Aditya Chopra

Rani Mukerji recently revealed what attracted her to Aditya Chopra.

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Rani Mukerji reveals what drew her to Aditya Chopra
Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra are approaching their milestone of 10 years of marriage next month. Despite being one of Bollywood's power couples, they have maintained a low profile, especially when it comes to their daughter Adira, who is now eight years old.

Recently, Rani opened up about her relationship with Aditya during a conversation with Galatta India. She revealed that what attracted her to him was his inherent goodness as a person and his leadership qualities


Rani said, “I think he’s a really good human being, and to me, that was the clincher. I’ve grown up in a household with my parents, and I’ve valued the kind of people that they were. In my life, it’s very important to have good people around because I need to respect people. That’s very important to me. What I saw in Adi was a very, very gracious human being, a good person, and a great leader for his team.”

Further praising Aditya, the actress said that she also admires his quality of being fair in terms of 'morals' and 'judgment'. "You might fall out of love, or lose that initial attraction, but you’ll never lose that respect you have for a person. For me, that’s very important. If I want to be close to someone, I need to respect them. I’ve seen the world very closely, I’ve worked in this industry for so many years. So, if it had to be an industry person, it could not be anybody but Adi.” she added.

While Rani's last outing in "Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway" was a hit, fans eagerly await her next project. Despite no official announcement yet, her loyal fan base eagerly anticipates her return to the screen, eager to see her captivating performances once again.

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Oh please, he was a married man and she had a affair to with him. She was attracted to his name and money. Yash Chopra didn't even agree to the divorce and marriage but nearer to his death, he did. Both of them are cheaters and a innocent women lost her husband, marriage and family. She lost and Rani got everything.

2 months ago

This Rani Aditya photo is cute. Happy birthday Rani

2 months ago

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