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Randeep defends Alia after Kangana's attack, her sis Rangoli slams him

The actor came out in Alia's support and called Kangana a 'chronic victim'


It is not unknown that Kangana Ranaut has been lashing out at Alia Bhatt at every opportunity she is getting, as of late. Be it her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor or linking her name in the nepotism debate, the Manikarnika actress is literally finding ways to target Alia.

Amidst all this, Alia's co-star from Highway, Randeep Hooda, decided to come out in her support and said he is glad she is not letting Kangana's opinions affect her. He further referred Kangana as being one of 'occasional actors and chronic victims'.

However, post that, Kangana's sister Rangoli Chandel decided to attack Randeep for supporting Alia and called him a 'permanent failure'. She mentioned in her tweets, "Alia baby ko bachane ko nepotism gang ki khud ki himmat nahin toh tujhko aage kiya, I know during film Ungli what u did, kitna harass kiya tune Kangana ko aur kitna bada chatukar hai tu Karan Johar ka magar phir bhi tera kuch nahin hua, at least people like Alia are successful because of chamchagiri, bhai tu to permanent failure hai."

Earlier on Tuesday morning, Rangoli had slammed Alia and her mother Soni Razdan for their British citizenship.

Well, it looks like team Kangana has found a fresh target in Alia and we love how Alia has been maintaining her demeanour despite being constantly targeted.

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shahz 2019-04-17T03:25:39Z This is called bullying and I can't believe people say they respect this actress. Speaking your mind is one thing but attacking someone like this is just disgusting and not in any way acceptable. Both sisters need to keep their so called opinion to themselves and Frankley speaking their behaviour makes me question their mental stability. Kudos to Alia for not jumping in this pathetic argument.
BeyondHorizon 2019-04-17T00:15:12Z These Ranaut sisters are a real pain in the a**. I wonder what was so great about Manikarnika. Its average to say the least. No where in the league of SLB movies. Other than attacking every other actress who was given a chance by the big banners Kangana has done nothing useful. To top it off her equally useless sister attacks celebrities who supports anyone her sister doesn't like.
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