Rakul Preet Singh on being a part of South & Bollywood films: There's no difference between regional and Hindi

In a recent interview Rakul Preet Singh humbly attributed her meteoric rise to a simple formula –unwavering passion and relentless hard work.

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Rakul Preet Singh

In the glitzy realm of Indian cinema Rakul Preet Singh is a name that resonates not just in Bollywood but also in the rich tapestry of South Indian film industries. 

This year, Rakul's journey has been nothing short of remarkable, with her roles spanning a spectrum of films, from 'Chhatriwali' to 'Doctor G.' In a recent interview, she humbly attributed her meteoric rise to a simple formula – unwavering passion and relentless hard work. 

According to her, language is not a barrier; it's the indomitable spirit that propels one to the summit. She shared, "There is no such answer to that, I think it's just perseverance, and doing something that you love to do. Language has no barriers and there is never a right answer to this. I think it's continuous hard work, your desire to be okay with giving up your personal time. I think you just have to be extremely passionate about your work and you have to be extremely driven and be ready to put in the extra hours and hard work. And that’s what I have on my side. I think that's something I'm willing to do, and that's what keeps me going."

One of the hallmarks of Rakul's career is her seamless navigation between the Hindi and regional film industries. For her, the decision to sign a script is never influenced by the language but rather by the content. 

She elucidates, "Sometimes you want to work with a particular director, sometimes a particular actor, sometimes you love the script so much that you want to be a part of the story. For me, it's always that. There's no difference between regional and Hindi. I'm so glad that there are no boundaries between cinemas today. As an actor, my endeavor is to choose a script that I get excited with for one of the reasons stated above. I get this gut feeling about if I want to do a film, and I listen to it."

Her upcoming projects are nothing short of riveting, with a pivotal role in the much-anticipated film 'Indian 2,' where she shares the screen with the legendary Kamal Haasan and Sidharth Malhotra. Moreover, she's all set to enthrall audiences with her performance in 'Ayaalan,' promising an exciting cinematic journey for her fans.

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