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Rakhi Sawant introduces her 16 potential grooms..

Brace it for Rakhi Sawant as she is all set for her enthralling Swayamvar, as she talks of her 16 prospective grooms...

Published: Thursday,Jun 25, 2009 19:02 PM GMT-06:00
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Sixteen brave guys including a NRI have been short-listed for NDTV Imagine's Rakhi Ka Swayamvar. Brave, we say, because it would be tough being Mr. Rakhi Sawant.

Rakhi Sawant introduces her 16 potential grooms..
Currently shooting for the same in Udaipur, Sawant has become a size -1 (if it exists) with only her famous twin assets that remain unaffected. In a brown and gold shimmering sari, Sawant looked every inch the bride-in-waiting, complete with a small red bindi dotting her forehead.  "I am living my dream," she pouted to the select media which had gathered in Udaipur to know what the fuss was all about.

The five days a week show will be shot at the Fatehgarh palace (which is more a hotel) done up in Rajasthani splendor by the in-house-production team.  So cutting the story short, we will tell you a little bit about her 16 suitors who she claims "mujhe bahut pyaar karte hain. Mere naam ki mala japte hain." (Yeah, right)

The boys range from 21 to 32 year olds. Cradle snatching, anyone? "Haan, Aman Talwar is 21. "When I saw him, I told his parents that he shouldn't be in the competition; he should be going to the college. But his parents said that they were looking forward to see me as their bahu," says Sawant. Now, we don't know what to say of this.

There is also Atirek Sharma who believe it or faint, is the ex best friend of Sawant's former boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi. "Haan, he has been in the race for the past three years, trying to woo him. The minute Abhishek out hua, yeh in ho gaya," she laughs.

Then there is a NRI who apparently in his 'cute' half broken Hindi trying his best to woo Sawant. Interestingly, most of them are fans of her item numbers and almost all of them like her being a straightforward person. And you thought, Indian men like meek wives!

While the channel chose to not unveil the prospective dulhas, it showed us an AV of the 16 of them who mostly look like bachchas waiting for some quick attention. May be there are just about four to five who probably have it in them to woo Rakhi Sawant. We were also told that one of them had quit his high paying cushy job to be part of this! We only hope his former employers take him back if Sawant 'rejects' him…After all, in these times of recession, there should not be any room for such foolhardiness.

OK, so will Sawant marry finally? The nit-pickers say she won't. That she will chicken out in the last episode. The channelwallas say, 'Arre, she will, she has to. It's her swayamwar after all." As for Sawant, she pouts again and says, "Wait and watch. I'm going to create history." Well, well, even if she manages to get the channel some decent numbers, the swayamwar will be worth it, what say, Mr Sameer Nair.

Reporter and Author: Kshama Rao

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Kritika Prasad @kritika4eva 14 years ago wow!!dese guys really hav d guts 2 woo rakhi!!waitin fr d show!!:)
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urbiiii @sweety_ursh 14 years ago all the best rakhi you are mindblowing n you roxxx!!!!!!!!!
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munz. @munz. 14 years ago Iam looking forward to it... The show looks unique 'n' different... :)
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Veritas @Veritas 14 years ago I will tell you what..Midway through the show they will bring in Abhishek as a contender
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
sonali @Lov_niti 14 years ago i guess she will back out when the show ends
or if she marries will get divorced and start second season RS-2:):)
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no one knows @arjun-arohi 14 years ago i still cant believe whether these 16 dulhas have really came or they are backstage actors who have been bought for this show
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*king* @*king* 14 years ago ok. so v have the 16 retards ready. 21 n wants to marry. it shows his immaturity n hers too. wht will they do after marriage. its seems so fake n stupid.

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.shona. @.shona. 14 years ago no comments bout this show lol...i mean how can she choose her LIFE partner who MIGHT just wanna cum on this show for popularity & not for her love? like wdf?o.O
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Noshin @x.n0sh.x 14 years ago Many people think this is like the Indian version of 'Bachelorette' series but actually it seems like the "I Love New York' series. Big difference between the two.. N Rakhi will treat her potential 'pati' the same way New York treated Tailor-made
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Navi D. @punjabi_qt26 14 years ago ROFL...
How Desperate are you giirlll ...??
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