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Rajeev Nigam to enter Ammaji Ki Galli...

Rajeev Nigam to play a thief in the SAB TV show...

Published: Tuesday,Aug 16, 2011 18:16 PM GMT-06:00
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Popular standup comedian Rajeev Nigam is all set to enter SAB TV's Ammaji Ki Galli. The character is very mischievous and comes with a tricky intention to loot Ammaji (Farida Jalal).

A source says, "Rajiv will play the character called Tilu who is basically a thief and will try to loot Ammaji. The character is very interesting which will last for a week wherein Ammaji will tackle the issue and get him in the right path."

TellyBuzz contacted Rajiv Nigam and he confirmed saying, "Yes, I am entering the show in a different avatar called Tilu. He will try to rob Ammaji."

Rajiv has already started his shoot and his entry will be on air in the coming episodes of Ammaji Ki Galli.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Hala @MrMonster 14 years ago This movies gonna break records alright, the lowest and worst flop records!, and what does he mean by "half amused"?
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desichica @desichica 14 years ago who cares...wut hippocrits.....they wanna do everything hollywoodish and then when they are put on the spotlight its "this is india"....then learn to follow india's culture and roots and values.....cant have it both ways Saif and Kareena....you guys asked for the attention and you shall recieve it...lolz!!!
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Tahmina Aliya Begum @-Aliya- 14 years ago dat is so low! dey copy hollywood bco dey cnt write der own stories nd nw dey offending a celebs life since dey cudnt cum up wiv any gud stories on der own. RIDICULOUS!
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cookie09 @cookie09 14 years ago this is so rediculous.. why can't they make some nice simple story.. don't people know enough about all this already ??? it's going to be big flop .. many actors have more stories like this kind ... dharmendra, rajbabbar, aamir khan, saif etc. they had left their wives and got married to younger girls and some even without divorcing them.. kareena's story is nothing in front of them..it is just breaking off relationship with boyfriend !!!!!!!
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AngelTeen @AngelTeen 14 years ago " am a little upset that my character is called Saifee. It should have had a cooler name, Sameer or something like that" lol!

but seriously even if such movies have to be made, they should atleast be decent.
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pallavi25 @pallavi25 14 years ago Saif is much more scandalous, he left his wife of 15 yrs and 2 kids to live with his Italian mistress. Why arent they making a movie on him?
Kareena is peanuts compared to these khiladi actors of Bollywood.
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ambreen @-Amby- 14 years ago making a film on someones life liek this is so wrong
kareena should make a complain thi sis pathetic
i totally agree with w ht @imran94 has said
in normal life girls and boys ditch each other wht then
just because kareena is a celebrity people want to talk much more
and we dont even know the truth behind the break up then why always show the girl wrong
now shahid is changing his girlfriends in short periods nothing is said for tht why because he is a guy if a girl would have done tht then the girl becomes a cheap person ?"?
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Prem-heer4eva @Prem-heer4eva 14 years ago its so pathetic that the directors wan to make a movie on KAREENA KAPOOR
she isn't even that special.... it is still really mean that they are going in to kareena's personal business
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Arwen @Narcissus 14 years ago people in abroad who make movies usually make films concerning celebrities who are influential, those who have brought up change in society, like johnny cash and john lennon and its not tacky. but yeah if indian industry wants to waste money on the lives of these tacky indian actors like saif, kareena .....then sure go ahead.....
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sanju @Sanju_ 14 years ago saif is right...it's really not a good idea at all to make such movies.
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