Rahul Vaidya, the Anchor of Jjhoom India, on the Hot Seat...

The Singer in Rahul Vaidya has taken a back seat, while the Anchor has now come to the forefront in Sahara One's Singer-Actor formatted reality show, Jjhoom India. Here is Rahul's Quick Bytes on Jjhoom.

Your thoughts on being the anchor of Jjhoom India: Damn good. On the other hand, it has been hectic; even after the shoot, I am the last one to go out, because I need to give my retakes and related stuff. One good thing is that, I am not at the receiving end here, I am the one hosting the show and declaring the results. I am not the tension taking body; I am the tension giving body.

Your first reaction on getting to know that you will be anchoring Jjhoom: I was happy, nervous and excited.

Jjhoom India to you is: Very interesting. Overall, it is a totally unique concept where professional singers and actors share the same platform.

USP of the show, according to you: Has to be the elimination pattern. The Top 3 Jodis will be selected on the basis of 50-50, coming from both Judges and Junta. Now, these top 3 jodis will choose the 4th Jodi to be safe, the 4th will choose the 5th and so on.. To me, this is the best part of the reality show.

Any hard feelings of not being a singer here: Yes and No. While anchoring, I don’t get that feeling, but when I see the contestants rehearse, I really feel the pinch to sing with them.

Music to you is: The most beautiful thing to me, it means a lot.

Your favorite Singing Mentor: Sudesh Bhonsle ji and Suresh Wadkar ji.

The best singer among the actors, according to you: Apara Mehta ji and Shekar Suman.

The actor who you think should improve, in singing: Shama Sikander

A memorable incident on sets of Jjhoom: Aparaji while rehearsing for her ‘Beedi Jalaile’ number was concerned about a certain line. So I rehearsed with her, and then she got comfortable with it.

The song that tops your favorite play list now: Ankhon Main Teri from Om Shanti Om

Apart from Jjhoom, you are currently working on: I have sung recently for Rakesh Roshan’s Crazy 4, am working on my album that is tentatively titled ‘Mere Moula’, have sung few Bhojpuri, Nepali and Marathi songs.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Rakesh Roshan

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Apara Mehta

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Shama Sikander

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oh noooooooo
i dont have sahara one:(( i wanna c my rahul
anyways rahul swthrt i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy 4 u i cant tell all the best and just prove tht u r the BEST!!!!!1

16 years ago

I have to catch up on this show. Thanks for the article and pics.

16 years ago

omg never going to miss this show i will watch it.....anyone know when it begins in the US???????

16 years ago

My favourite in 1st indian idol. The first Indian idol was my 2nd favourite only. I love to watch Rahul Vydya singing. Best wishes to him. Thank you for the report Srividya.

16 years ago

you r gr8
and hansy
i love u a lot

16 years ago

i cant wait to watch the show...how come If has got no section for it??

16 years ago

the show was nice...rahul did well...watched the 1st epi today..but we have no forum to discuss this show! :(

16 years ago

Wowwwwwwwwww, Rahul's back!!! i'm so so so happy for him, yayy.. thanks for the article!

16 years ago

yay!!! rahul im so happy he is bak...cant wait to see him...thx!

16 years ago

yei rahul iz bak...gotta watch jhoom onli fr him :)...thnkx

16 years ago

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