Rahil Azam: A Class Apart...

Rahil Azam, the perfectionist is back in action, and will play a cop for the first time ever in Sahara One's Mr. and Mrs. Mishra...


Rahil Azam, the Perfectionist is back into action, with Sahara One and Anubhav Sinha's new venture, Mr. and Mrs. Mishra.

The actor who is known to do things beyond imagination on television has created a niche for himself by playing various challenging roles, the last one being the one for which he was nominated in the Best Actor category for playing with ease the role of a woman. The actor who had previously adorned the image of Hatim will be seen yet again in a title based role in the Sahara One show.

As Rahil aptly puts it, "I have always believed in bettering myself, and my main competition has been Rahil Azam. So I had to convince my audience a step ahead with my next role after Babul Ka Aangann. Also, the fact that the audience believes that Rahil always comes back with something interesting and different motivates me even more".

Rahil will be playing a cop for the first time ever in Mr. and Mrs. Mishra. "This adds in yet another variety to the body of work I have played so far. I am grateful to Allah that even in this woman dominated TV scenario, I have been getting offers that have been different from one another. I chose to do the role of a cop as it compliments my talent and caliber", states the actor.

Ask him about the USP of the show, and he is quick to say, "The show has a young look to it, and its presentation, obviously in combination with execution is the biggest plus of the show. Every character in the show has been etched very well, and as the shoot progressed, I have been impressed by the way the show and all characters have been written and executed".

"I am glad that Anubhavji from a vast ocean of actors, approached me for this role. We have a great bunch as the working unit, starting from the actors to the producer to the director. Maqbool is a strong Director, and his thought process is brilliant", he further adds.

When asked whether such an investigative series would do well at an early time slot of 8 PM, Rahil avers, "I personally feel that a slot of 9.30 would have been the best for the show. But having said this, you never know as it is the show that creates a new time slot for the audience. We are giving our best, the look and feel of the show will appeal to the youth, so we hope for good results".

Lastly, the actor states that he is indeed open to films. "I have never tried for films, but if I chance upon a strong character, I will definitely do it. I believe that getting a good role is far more important than having 7-8 songs and 70-80 scenes", concludes Rahil.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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Rahil :D Love you. Cannot wait till th show starts, missed you loads. I'm sure you gonna do great, my duas are with you. :) *hug*
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