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"When I was a kid I wanted to be a Superman" Ali Zafar

Catch the glimpse of the interview of Ali Zafar where he has spoken about his career, dream woman and sung songs for his India-Forums fans..

Published: Sunday,Jul 15, 2007 10:05 AM GMT-06:00
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When I was a kid I wanted to be a Superman Ali Zafar
Hello beautiful ladies and all the fans of Sun Re Sajania… India-Forums for the first time went cross country and interviewed a rock sensation of Pakistan the voice behind the crazy song Sun Re Sajania and the latest album Dekha : Ali Zafar.

Ali Zafar is not only an incredible singer but also a great human being. A star so big yet so grounded with no starry tantrums. May he keep climbing ladder of success. A quick snapshot of the interview with Ali Zafar by I-F RJ Kirti where he has spoken about his career, his favorite stars, his dream woman, favorite artist and many more. Last but not the least he has sung an exclusive songs for all the India-Forums members and have promised to visit the website soon.

You are so multi talented. You graduated as a painter but then ventured into modeling
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When I was a kid I wanted to be a Superman Ali Zafar
and then acting and now you are a new singing sensation in India and Pakistan. So what eventually you wanted to become in life?

Ali: I wanted to become different things at different point of time. Well when I was a kid I wanted to be a superman but as I grow older I realized it is not easy to fly so I had to give that up. When I grew up little my interest in music started to grow day by day. When I was in college there was some music society which I joined that and then I realized this is what I wanted to do. But coming from the background where my parents teach arts and design they wanted me to have a some sort of degree so I graduated as a Painter as I used to paint as a child. I used to collect money by making people’s portrait.

Tell us about your favorite songs from the album Masti?

Ali: Sun re Sajania, Jaane na koi pechana nai koi, Tere Agnal. All my songs are my favorite. And now after the video of Dekha I like that song too.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a Superman Ali Zafar
So has fame changed Ali Zafar by any chance?

Ali: Well I think fame has changed me for a better. It has taught me reality of life. This field tends to shake you from your feet a lot. One moment you are admired, loved by all, so many comments coming your way that you are the best which is ego boosting. It can take you to a lalalland that you are invincible but my training, my school of thought and what I have learnt and even my religion teaches me to be humble. The biggest picture is to be a good human being  and to stay grounded with your family and do not go astray and indulge in self indulgence.

Your songs Rangeen and Chanoo were copied by Indian Composers without you getting due credits. So what do you have to say to it?

Ali: Well (sigh) You are happy and at the same time sad.. You are happy that your music is worth being copied but at a same time it could be done in a more ethical manner. If they could have asked me I would have given it to them. But I think one should move on and not look behind.

Now the question that all the girls wants to know is what will be Ali Zafar’s dream girl be like?

Ali: My dreamgirl will have to be a better human being rather than just pretty face. She should understand my profession and not be be all possessive about me. 

Song close to your heart: Sun Re Sajania ya Dekha?
Ali: Both are close to my heart. Sajania was a song that gave me a good break internationally.

Who is your competitor: Atif Aslam or Rahet Ali Khan?

Ali: Atif and Myself are good friends and it is so different than how people look us from outside. Media has hyped that that there is cold war going between us. But Atif and myself are good friends and I am really proud that my countrymen Atif and Rahet are so successful internationally.
All your fans are dying to know when will they see you in action in their cities so please
When I was a kid I wanted to be a Superman Ali Zafar
answer when are your performing and visiting their cities and town.
(a city in Pakistan): No specific date for Multan. But surely in couple of months   
Canada: August..Tour lined up for United States and Canada.
UK, England: 28th July
France: I was in Paris recently for a few days. Some people did speak to me performing in Pairs so probably soon.
India: I was supposed to perform in Delhi but my visa has just recently expired. Maybe next month or so. I am dying to perform in India.

Well friends that was a summary of couple of quick question with Ali Zafar. For full rendezvous make sure that you tune in to India-Forums Radio on Monday 16th July at 11pm IST. Interviews will be streamed at multiple times!! 

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aaishal @aaishal 15 years ago awww he is so cute =D thank you so much for the interview!
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addy @muhdadeel007 16 years ago he is fine not like that ,like he should be ,watever
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Ayesha @ash_charming 16 years ago Love him and his songs. Reallyyyy good singer and human being!!!
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Rachandeep @Rachu_1987 16 years ago he's so hot!!! can't wait 4 his full interview
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QT @QT143 16 years ago thanks.
wow, im falling in love wid his personality by the way he talks lol
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Mahwish @mahwish91 16 years ago thanks alot for the nice piece of interview!!
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DON't-ASK-IT @Sara_DONT_ASK 16 years ago Awww so cute....:))....!!!

Will cath it tonite....:$
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suzi @sus143 16 years ago hez so cute..i didn't knw much abt him before but i luved his sajaina video.. i actualy thought he waz a model in the video not singer..will surely tune on tomorrow
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Annam @annie_maha 16 years ago thnxxxx so much for sharing ali's interview as i m the big fan oh ali zafar
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Ammu @ammmu 16 years ago oh Wow, what a sweet and downtoearth person.. Ali seems really nice, will listen to the interview, thanks Kirti di!
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