"This show is really helping me to improve my acting skills" - Parv Kaila

In conversation with TellyBuzz, Parv Kaila talks about his character, the concept, his bonding with co-stars and much more.

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Star Plus' youth driven show Nisha Aur Uske Cousins is all set to hit the screens soon and the audience will surely love this very new show which will showcase a new concept. To know more about the show and the characters we got in touch with Parv Kaila who is playing one of the cousins in the show.

Let's see what Parv has to share with us...

When asked Parv about this show he excitedly says, "This show is really helping me to improve my acting skills, I think if I would have joined any acting classes I wouldn't have got such a nice exposure as I am getting here. I am very honored to work with some amazing actors Aneri Vajani, VM Badola sir."

Talking about the concept of the show he says, "I expect a lot from this show as the concept is different. We are projecting a light-hearted drama, there is freshness in the show and we are going to showcase something new for youth by connecting to them."

Elaborating on his character Parv says "Suketu is jugado he always finds a shortcut to things, he wants fun around him. He finds intelligent ways to do things, he likes teasing all his cousins except Nisha as he is scared of Nisha "

So does Parv relates to the character? He answers, "I relate to the character because I have always been a person who thinks beyond the box."

How was his experience while shooting? Parv says, "We had a blast while shooting and our producer Suket Motwani has been like a mentor to us. He gave us workshop how to get into the skin of our character and how to improve our acting skills. When we were shooting in Jaipur we all were suffering from the scorching heat but we all shared a very good bond which helped us in supporting each other while shooting. All my co-actors are very supportive and I share a very good bonding with Aneri Vajani, Heli Daruwala etc. Heli Daruwala is my support system she gets upset even for small things. If I go wrong somewhere I know my co-stars are there to support me."

Is this show Nisha Aur Uske Cousins a stepping stone to Parv's career? He avers, "It's a big step of my career and I am happy for it but more than being happy I am aware of the fact that I need to perform well I need to do justice to my character because this opportunity can go anytime, anything may turn wrong. I want to do justice to my viewers, I need to look that they get entertained by my character."

Well, audience are also expecting a lot from the show lets see what it brings to them.

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chunkysony 6 years ago Nisha Aur Uske Cousins just rockz
Aneri Vajani as nisha
Parv Kaila as sukku
Heli Daruwala as keerthi u guyz rockz keep up the good work
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