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"The transformation of Panchi's character has been done very well" : Palak Jain

The adorable and talented actress Palak Jain aka Panchi of Channel V’s popular show The Buddy Project talks about her character, her future plans and much more in conversation with TellyBuzz…

The very cute and bubbly Palak Jain, who plays Panchi in Sunshine Productions' popular show The Buddy Project Season 2 - Now in college, is a girl full of life in real. Palak is crazy for Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan and she feels quite happy about the fact that she has already worked with him.

TellyBuzz quizzed Palak to know more about her character's transformation, her off-screen life, her future plans and much more.

How has been your character evolved so far?

It's been almost one and a half year now and it's feeling good because the character has grown so much gradually. Initially, Panchi was not so confident girl and used to get scared easily of little things but as the show has progressed a lot in her life. Panchi's character has been shown more confident, bold and strong now. The transformation of Panchi from a non-confident person to a confident one has been done really well. I have got to learn a lot from my character and The Buddy Project is a show which has taught me a lot about the value of friends in one's life, how to fight with the tough situations in your life and much more.

Can you relate yourself to the character of Panchi?

I can relate myself to the character of Panchi in many ways. Initially when I was new to this show, I was little fat but now I have lost some weight and have become thin. That time, the character was required me to be plum and hefty so I easily got an opportunity of playing this character. In real also I am very much like Panchi because I am not so confident like her. Panchi has now learned to be confident whereas I am still not. I also keep telling my friends about what is right and what is wrong just like Panchi. I love eating a lot like Panchi. Panchi likes to have burgers the most whereas I like to have Pav Bhaji and Chinese the most.

How is your college life in real?

My college life in real is hectic as I go to the college, study there for 2-3 hours and then I leave for shooting. College life begins after college once the lectures are over; when friends do time-pass but I hardly get time to spend with friends as I have to go for shooting. I enjoy a lot whenever I get a holiday because then I eat a lot. I am studying inMithibai college toh khane ki cheezein bahut hain wahan par (laughs).

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

I love to watch Doremon cartoon because the show makes me feel happy. I don't get much time because I have to study as well.  

You are crazy for Shah Rukh Khan. Tell us something about your experience working with him.

When I did Paheli with Shah Rukh Khan, I was very happy and felt like I have achieved everything in life. I was on cloud nine and felt very nice to meet him, talk to him. I am grateful to learn a lot from him. I have enjoyed working with him.

What kind of bonding you share with Kunal Kulbhushan Jaisingh off-screen?

We fight a lot, pull each other's leg, and keep doing lots of masti off-screen. We are very different on-screen and off-screen.

How do you feel about the feedback you get from the fans?

It's a very good effort taken by the fans. Such kinds of messages from the fans motivate us to do much better. We can only be grateful to them by acting much better. It makes us feel like whatever we are doing, we are doing well and we are making someone happy with our work so it feels really good.

One thing you like and one thing you dislike about Panchi?

I like that she is just like me, she loves to eat like me. There is nothing that I dislike about her because if I will say, then it will automatically come on me and I love myself (laughs).

What are your future plans?

Right now I am doing my Bachelors in Mass Media and I am in my third year. I am yet to decide upon what I will be doing after that. Journalism is not that easy woh mere bas ki baat nahi (laughs). So, I might opt for Advertising. 

We wish Palak all the very best for her career and her future endeavors!

Anwesha Kamal


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