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"Pain makes you stronger" - Mimoh

The 'Disco Dancer' as he is fondly called, Mithun Chakraborty is a proud father today, as his son Mimoh would soon make his debut on the silver screen with the film 'Jimmy'.

Published: Tuesday,Mar 18, 2008 13:41 PM GMT-06:00
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The 'Disco Dancer' as he is fondly called, Mithun Chakraborty is a proud father today, as his son Mimoh would soon make his debut on the silver screen with the film 'Jimmy'. Here is the Star Son, Mimoh talking about the film and the terrible accident that laid him low while shooting..

Q. What is Jimmy all about?
A. Jimmy is a thriller film where I play a guy who works as a car engineer in the day time and works as a DJ in a club, during night. Jimmy has everything from songs, dance, romance and action. An incident in a film changes his life drastically. Basically it is a thriller and finally how this man tries to get things back to normal is the story.

Q. How much is the character close to you?
A. It is little bit closer to my real self. I believe that
Pain makes you stronger - Mimoh
everything should be balanced, like if I am earning Rs.3000, then I will save Rs.1500 and spend the rest because you are working for it and that's the kind of guy I am in real life as is Jimmy. He is not a total miser, but of course he lives his life in a happy way, he is happy the way he is working and he has no complaint about it and life.

Q. Is your look in the film the script demand, or you had it on your own?
A. It is for the film that I have this look for which I have grown long hair as I play a DJ in it. But I am going to cut my hair for the film Loot. If it is required then definitely I will keep changing my looks according to the demand of the script and requirement in the film, if it helps my character.

Q. How was it working with your co-star Vivana?
A. Vivana plays a rich spoilt brat. She has done a good job in this film. People will surely notice me in this film, but after looking at her, nobody will forget her. She has the ability to leave an impact in the viewers' mind. She is very hardworking, dedicated and loyal. We share a healthy and friendly relationship with each other. We have a comfort level but to a limit, we draw our lines where we need.

Q. We have heard that it was Sohail Khan who suggested Jimmy as the title for the film…
A. Yeah, it's true. While shooting for the film we were searching for a title when Sohail Khan came up with the idea to my dad Mithun Chakraborty, while they were shooting for Lucky in Russia. He said since the name Jimmy is still very popular with the people everywhere especially in Russia, it would be an apt title for the film.

Q. Raj Sippy's last few films did not work and when you got to know that he is directing you in your first film, were you nervous? What did you feel at that time?
A. When I heard that Raj Sippy is directing my film, I was satisfied as he has a very good experience in direction. I feel lucky to work with him. Technically he is superb. He has done so many good films with my dad before, so he is a good director and it does not matter if his last few films haven't worked. I feel comfortable and proud that he has directed me in my first film.

Q. Any interesting incident you remember that happened on the sets of Jimmy?
A. There was a fight scene where I had to jump from a door. I told Mehmood sir that I will do that and in spite of my fear for height, I did that and the muscle of my right leg got pulled. All became tense as I had to be taken to the hospital. I had to go through X-ray machines and also couple of injections was given. Daddu sir(Raj Sippy) called my dad and informed him, and in reply my dad said that if his left leg is ok, then shoot with his left leg but the shoot should not get cancelled; he is so professional. I did the scenes with my scrammed leg and finished it even when it was paining a lot. Pain makes you stronger.

Q. Your expectations with Jimmy.
A. High, I don't regret with any part of the film. Whatever was necessary, accordingly we have made the changes and as a newcomer I am happy with Jimmy. I am satisfied with all the effort that has gone into the film, because film making has always been a team work.

Q Any other projects you are working on?
A. I would be soon going to Thailand to shoot for Suniel Shetty`s Loot.

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