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"My quick cheap healthy meal is milk and chocos!" - Chandni Bhagwanani

Food lover Chandni Bhagwanani likes to eat mouth watering chat dish Pani Puri a lot.

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As we know that our TV celebs are very much conscious about their figure, but they never miss a chance to have lots and lots of food whenever they get a chance. Our Telly celebs love to be known as a foodie. One such big time food lover is this very bubbly Chandni Bhagwanani, who is loved as Anjali in Channel V's Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story.

Here's Chandni sharing her love for food...

Are you a foodie?

Yes! I am a big time foodie.

Which is your most preferred cuisine?

Thai cuisine.

Your favourite mouth-watering dish?

I love Pani-Puri.

Which restaurant do you prefer the most?

I like Sigri. It is in Powai.

Do you like spending time in the kitchen?

Yes, I do like spending time in the kitchen. My mother has already taught me how to cook. So whenever she is not at home, I cook on her behalf.

Your most memorable kitchen moment, be it happy or a disastrous one?

Once my mom was teaching me to make churme ke laddo. First time when I tried to make, they were disastrous. The same was with my second attempt. It was a big blunder. The third time when I tried, it was my mother's birthday and I really wanted it to get perfect this time. And finally my third attempt to make those churme ke laddos on my mother's birthday was successful. Someone even went on to say that these laddos had my mother's taste in it. It was like a huge achievement for me. That proud moment, Ahh! I can never forget that.

Which is your favorite quick cheap healthy meal?

My quick cheap healthy meal would be milk and chocos (chuckles).

If you would have to take a celebrity for a dinner date then who would it be?

It has to be Hrithik Roshan. I love him way too much (blushes).

Upasana Patel

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LadyMacbeth 6 years ago Chandni Bhagwanani , love you a lot . You're really adorable .
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..Roopal.. 9 years ago bebo and saifu r so amazing saifeena...don't care abt these stupid rumours...
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