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"I wrote poetry to woo my wife" - Barun Sobti

Tellybuzz in talks with Barun Sobti

Barun Sobti is diametrically opposite to the character he essays on screen – Arnav Singh Raizada of 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon' on Star Plus. His humility and candor catches you off guard. Despite his round the clock work hours, he spared time to answer our questions with aplomb.

Firstly, congratulations on a stellar performance at Star Parivar Awards 2012. So, how does it feel to be tagged as a phenomenon on Television?
Thank you. It is always very satisfying when you are acknowledged for your work on such a platform. Phenomenon or not -I'm not sure. It is just reassuring that fans like your work and appreciate you for it. I'm just lucky to have such ardent fans!

At Star Parivar Awards, there was a moment when you blanked out. Did that really happen?
(Promptly) Oh yes! I was perfectly fine anchoring the awards and then they announce my name, I was not expecting that award. So, I walked on to the stage and had so many people to thank that I kind of lost track and forgot from where to start.

Do you lie to the media?
No, I don't lie to the media. I might hide as few things, but I don't lie.

You must have been on gazillion dates. How was the experience of your first date?
God! That was a long time back. One thing that has been constant in my dates has been my date – My wife (smiles). I think it was in the 9th grade. We did the usual stuff – Go out for a drive, talk, have lunch and then probably go for coffee!

IPL 5 has just commenced. So, who is this Delhi boy cheering for?
I know the obvious answer for me to say is 'Delhi Daredevils', but then I'm an Indian and Sachin Tendulkar is a demi god. So, I guess an extra iota percent loyalties are pledged to Mumbai Indians!

Of all the characters that you have played , who comes closest to you in real life?
I don't relate to Arnav Singh Raizada. A number of times when I'm reading the script I wonder –' Really, this is how he is going to react'. Shravan from 'Baat Humari Paki hai' is someone I can relate to an extent. He was laid back and easy going.

How have the fan experiences been so far? Any specific experience you would like to share?
A lot of them! Generally, it just catches you off guard! I would be out with my family for a dinner or may be just coffee and someone asks for an autograph or a picture and you are taken aback. You are engrossed in some conversation and it takes you a second to snap out and realize why you are being asked for an autograph. I have no issues signing autographs or getting my pictures clicked. It is the least I can do for fans that so passionately follow the show.

How does your wife react to all the adulation?
Barun: She is very supportive. On numerous occasions, people walk up to her and ask if it ok for them to ask me for autographs instead of asking me directly. She just smiles and she tells them – 'Go ahead and ask him! He will not say no'.

You have made clear then you cannot relate to Arnav Singh Raizada's character. But, is there any trait that you guys have in common?
(Thinks really hard!) Easier question would have been – List the traits where you guys differ. I don't water plants; I don't travel in helicopters (laughs). This is hard, but I think the common factor will be that we both love our families a lot.

We learnt recently that you love writing. What do you write?
I used to write poetry to woo my wife. It could be related to anything life, death anything abstract. These days with long shooting hours, I don't have the time to devote to writing. However, I do try and share my ideas in scripts and stories.

Do you have any phobias?
Sky diving ! I'm reasonably into adventure and related activities but I'm not sure if I could go ahead with sky diving!

Do you take life as it comes or do you plan a lot?
Plans don't really work for me. I generally go with the flow. Actually, I'm very moody. I don't think I can predict myself. So, if I'm on a week long holiday I could do nothing the entire duration and just relax or I could try and pack week long activities in just two days.

Any message for the fans on India-Forums?
I really don't know why you guys love me, but I'm just very thankful for your constant support and love (Smiles!). You are the best ever!

Medha Parashar


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...Barun very much invested in PKKND..This actor's incredible potential. Him can not is impossible to compare with any Indian actor. He just magically beautiful. Sight can not be torn away from his face, for the emotions that it expresses .we watching to him with bated breath..Barun very much invested in PKKND..This actor's incredible potential. Him can not is impossibl...
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