"I think first important quality that a teacher needs is patience." - Sneha Kapoor

Actress turned teacher Sneha Kapoor who assists her students in Dance, talks about her Gurus on this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima.

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On the auspicious day of Guru Purnima which is dedicated to our beloved gurus, we got in touch with Sneha Kapoor who was seen in Channel V's Dil Dostii Dance as she now owns a dance institute and here is she talking about the importance of this day with TellyBuzz.

Talking about her Guru Sneha says, "The word Guru Purnima makes me remember my Bharatnatyam Guru, second one is Shiamak Davar sir and the third is the person from whom I learned ballet dancing. These three are important people in my life and I respect them from the bottom of my heart. For me Guru Purnima is the day when you spare some time from your busy life and dedicate it to your Gurus."

Sneha is very calm and composed when it comes to teaching dance to her students as she says, "I try to interact with my students at a personal level. I think first important quality that a teacher needs is  patience. I try to motivate slow learners and see that fast learners don't get over confident hence I try to manage strength and weakness."

When we asked her how will she celebrate this Guru Purnima Sneha avers, "I am not doing anything special for today but I will spare some time from my busy schedule to wish them on this occasion. I don't accept any gifts from students and I have made this strict rule in my institute instead I ask them to give handmade things. I feel handmade gifts are more precious.

That's nice to hear Sneha. Keep up the good work!


Shiamak Davar Sneha Kapoor Dil Dostii Dance  Channel V 

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Hp_TvD_mAnIc 6 years ago wow so u r also a trained ballet dancer...
its aswom.. she is a prefect dancer...
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Anu_TanHa 6 years ago Come back to acting please Sneha Kapoor don't waste your talent and give back me something worth so i can get back watching tv and worldclass acting in telly world... COME BACK
even in any dance show as u like dancing so much ...it will be treat watching ur dance after so long...
Miss U Sneha Kapoor and TanHa a lot
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austen_TanHa 6 years ago she knows ballet!! wow!! would have loved to watch her perform that on screen. her natural grace and poise would be so perfect for ballet. pity the cvs never knew how to use her skills. good to see that she continues ti value handmade gifts more just like she did during her D3 days. her maturity and grace are such a welcome relief from all excessive bubbly and baby-ish gurgling polluting showbiz.
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kespari 6 years ago thanks for this article
but i hope ASAP main apka video iv daikho ge
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Anu_TanHa 6 years ago WOW after so many days or months we get any new article on Sneha ...thanks I-F
She know so many dance styles but D3 never utilized it...
She indeed have very much patience... But i don't have any patience... I WANT TanHa iv...i don't remember wen was the last time we get any TanHa interview...and becoz of this i'm upset with sneha,Shantanu and I-F...
PLEASE GIVE ANY TanHa interview ..there are still some TanHa fans alive...
Love TanHa... Miss TanHa
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cool.surabhi 6 years ago Love You Sneha Kapoor...
You Are An Awesome Dancer...

Keep Smiling..
Keep Dancing...
Keep Rocking...
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Kunta_tanha 6 years ago wann to see ur dance performance ...plzzz upload karo
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tanha_sonu 6 years ago Awesome to know that u r ballet dancer.. Now just want see u ballet performance..
Miss u very badly.. Come back to ActinG ...
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piyu_swaron 6 years ago Sneha Kapoor nice to see your article.
keep smiling
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yogini64 6 years ago missing u sneha kapoor...
love you tons ... sweety :*
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