"I like Dancing and Sketching a lot" - Divya Bhatnagar

The mutli-talented Divya Bhhatnagar talks about her other interests which are sketching and dancing apart from acting...

The talented actress Divya Bhhatnagar who is seen recently seen in the popular television drama Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki as Ketki is very much interested in sketching and dancing. 

Divya says that apart from acting her other interests are dancing and sketching and she enjoys the same, "I was always interested into dance and painting and wanted to make my career in that only. I never thought I would get into acting because I can't live without my family. But my love for painting never died sometimes during the free time I get while shooting I make paintings and mostly I do it at late night after shooting and whenever I am in a mood to paint."

She used to draw the live sketches to improvise her sketching skills, "During my childhood I use to go along with my dad to temples, railway stations and bus stands to make live sketches and for improving my sketching skills," replies Divya.

Divya is very much fond of dancing too as she says, "I am also very fond of dancing and I had participated in Boogie Woogie. It makes me feel very happy when I am dancing or painting."

We wish Divya good luck for her other active interests apart from acting.


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