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"I have been lucky to work with SRK and Salman" - Deepshika

Welcome back readers to a new edition of the The Buzz, where BollyCurry has seated the ravishing Deepshika Nagpal in it's hot seat.

Welcome back readers to a new edition of the The Buzz, where BollyCurry has seated the ravishing Deepshika Nagpal in it's hot seat. After working her magic in front of the lens, find out what the actress has to say in hemming in her first directorial project as well as winning a world record for it!
What has been your most challenging role to date? And which has been your absolute favorite?
My most challenging role was playing Simmi in Yeh Dooriyan because I was acting and directing myself, which was very difficult. But I took that challenge and up until now this is my fav one, but I am sure many more to come. 
You have worked quite extensively in the Punjabi film industry as well as Bollywood. Which one do you prefer and why?
Yes, I have worked in Punjabi and Bollywood. Basically, I enjoy working and acting so for me I enjoy my role irrespective the language. I have done six to seven Gujarati films too.
Can you tell us a bit about your forthcoming movies. What are they about and what role do you portray?
My own production company is producing two films; one is comedy and thriller. So I'm currently busy working on that. As an actor, I am reading various scripts, but I want to do a comedy for sure.
You have worked in numerous Bollywood blockbusters like KoylaBaadshah and even the Salman starrer, Partner. How has the journey been this far?
I have been lucky to work with Shah Rukh and Salman and the movies have been hits. It was an amazing experience. I want work them more and more and Aamir too. It has been a fantastic journey so far, God has been kind.
August 2011 saw your first directorial venture Yeh Dooriyan being released. How was the transition from being in front of the camera to being behind it?
2011 has been lucky for me. "Yeh Dooriyan" is my baby and I really worked very hard for it. I thank my genes - my Nanaji, Master Vithal, was a producer, director and actor from the silent era, My dad, Ashvini Kumar, was a writer, director and actor and my mom, Shraddha Pachotia, was an actress and producer. So I am the third generation. One has to grow professionally and personally and this was a step climb up in my work. My name has gone down in the Limca Books of World Record as first Asian lady handling nine departments simultaneously and I am proud of my self. 

What is in the future for you? Should we keep an eye out for more directorial ventures or are you planning to stick to acting?
It was a great feeling to be behind the camera as you are the boss and I would love to direct more, but obviously acting is my first love I will act till I die.

Any message for your fans?
They have always loved me and supported me, I need their continued support and love always.
We wish her all the best in future. Deepshika is currently busy with the preparations of her wedding with co-star Kaishav Arora.
Reporter: Nadia M.
Editor: Jenifer.
Graphics: Nadia M.


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