"I found the elder Ranvi and Veera very promising" : Samiksha Bhatanagar

Good looking actress Samiksha Bhatnagar who was last seen as Gurpreet in Star Plus’ Veera praises the younger kids of the show Veera and she finds the elder ones very promising…

Samiksha Bhatnagar who was last seen as Gurpreet in Beyond Dreams' popular show Veera, is now keeping herself busy with the theater. The pretty actress is totally in love with the kids and she can't stop herself from praising all of them.

TellyBuzz spoke to Samiksha to know more about what's keeping her busy these days, about the kids of Veera and her future plans. 

Here it is what Samiksha said...

Samiksha misses her show Veera a lot and appreciates the stunning performances of the kids as well and she says, "While it is an emotional moment for all of us as the show Veera takes on leap and our super talented bunch of kids who took the show to the greater heights and set the level of benchmark from their performances, which not only helped the show to win major awards and accolades but also set the challenge for the new talented actors a lot, who are well set to take the show to yet another level as we all look forward to witness to next generation. I would like to thank younger Ranvi (Bhavesh Balchandani), Veera (Harshita Ojha), Baldev, Gunjan, Dalbeer, and rest of the kids for their sterling performances and contribution throughout. I wish them all the very best for their future endeavors." 

When asked Samiksha about Shivin Narang and Digangana Suryavanshi who are portraying the role of Ranvi and Veera post leap, she says, "I find the elder ones very promising, especially Ranvi. I really liked his acting and I can connect him with the younger Ranvi. Veera is also good but I can connect Shivin more with the younger Ranvi because he is very good. I am feeling very positive that they will do well. I am missing Veera because I have been a very important part of the show but since my track is over, I can now only miss and pray for them. Elder Veera is also very cute but the younger one was cutest. I have done many scenes with her and it was a lot of fun. The elder ones are looking very promising on-screen. I can only send good wishes to them that they will not only maintain the standard of the show but they will take it even far beyond." 

After her stint in the show Veer has ended, Samiksha is looking forward to play a grey character in an episodic for Life OK's Savdhaan India @11. Talking about the same, Samiksha says, "I am playing a grey character in the show. Her name is Kamya and she wants to become and actress. The story revolves around how she struggles and what all happens in her life. It was a very good experience for me as I have always played positive character and this is the first time that I have played a grey character. It's very playful and has too many variations. I have enjoyed a lot while playing the character and I am looking forward to watch my episode."

The actress is focusing on doing theater these days and has already acted in a play named as Rashomon Blue, "I have started doing theater now. My first play Rashomon Blue has been released in the Prithvi fest. My character in the play is that of a social worker who is a narrator of the show. She wants to find out the truth behind everything and wants to bring forth in front of everybody. It has been a different experience as it's completely different from daily soaps or movies. We get instant reaction from the audience. We have few more shows in the pipeline for the upcoming months," replies Samiksha.

Samiksha's main focus will be on daily soaps, movies and commercials. Talking about the same, she says, "I am getting good offers for movies and daily soaps and I would love to continue with my theater as it enhances an actor. Though I would love to continue with my theater but my main focus will be on daily soaps, movies or commercials." 

Way to go Samiksha, keep up the good work!!

Anwesha Kamal



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ParAnJas 6 years ago Shivin is Doing perfectly Fine job as Ranvi and I agree both Shivin and Digagagna are best for Ranveera role...
Shivin Narang u r truly best
douknowit 6 years ago shivin u rock...!!!!!!! ranveer rocks...!!
Amara51 6 years ago just perfect as RanVeera
all the best Digangana nd Shivin
MeherSehgal 6 years ago Shivin justifies the role completely .. No words :D
ShadeOfWhite 6 years ago yeah agree...the older Ranvi Shivin is totally justifying the character..he resembles younger one...and playing it quite good...but the older Veera is a disaster ! I miss Harshita very much..wish the makers cast a good actress...
jessiejay 6 years ago shivin narang is juss sooo perfect... love him...
krupaa 6 years ago Shivin is perfect as ranvi...
Keep up the good work.
But miss u as our pyaara sweet cheetah !!!!
ringroses 6 years ago Shivin..Digangana both are doing super duper excellent..loving RanVeera...lagta hai veerji biji aur Chayiiji ne shararti(gungunaati) Veera ko sabhi pareshaniyon se dooor rakha hai...TeamVeera ..SuperGreat going!!..Samiksha Bhatnagar..no doubt very talented.. All The Best for Savdhaan India & all other projects
green_tea 6 years ago nobody can ever replace bhavesh and harshita as 'ranveera'. for me, they are and always will be, ranvi and veera. i became very emotionally attached to them and will find it hard to watch the show now as i'll always be expecting to see their familiar, adorable little faces. same goes for all the child actors like baldev, gunjan, dalbeer, etc. the kids are what made the show so different and special, and without them, 'veera' is going to feel strange and empty, missing it's little heart and soul.2013-11-28 17:30:44
Lianaa 6 years ago All the best Shivin!! You are really talented but missing my Cheetah badly.. :(
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