"I am thankful that I can easily relate to the character of Liza" :Tanaaz Currim Irani

Talented actress Tanaaz Currim Irani who is back to show her amazing skills on TV again, speaks to us about the show Badi Door Se Aaye Hain, her role and more...

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Versatile Tanaaz Currim Irani who is known for her excellent acting skills in shows like Yeh Meri Life Hai and few cameo roles in Miley Jab Hum Tum, Maniben. Com is all set to comeback in SAB TV's comedy show Badi Door Se Aaye Hain. She is all set to spread the magic of her flawless skills with her forte with this show again.

In a candid chat with TellyBuzz, Tanaaz Currim Irani talks about her role, coming back after sabbatical and more...

Well, as Tanaaz will be seen in SAB TV's comedy show Badi Door Se Aaye Hain we asked her whether how will she manage the time between her shoot and her family? And will it be little difficult for her? Tanaaz says, "It's very difficult to get back to work and we can't just leave our children like that but thankfully my elder son has become responsible enough to take care of younger one. I have trained him nicely so at least he can help me. We are very happy to make a comeback. I always thank God for what we are, first of all to be popular in a reality show is one difficult task and to be popular in a comedy show is even more difficult.

When asked about her feelings for bagging this show she says, "Initially Bakhtiyaar Irani got a call for this role from the production house. I thought good he has got something to do and I will be with kids. Later in one week I got a call from the producer JD Majethia asking do you want to do this role of Agyakari wife? and I was like this is so easy to do. When Aatish Kapadia narrated me the script of the character Liza who is loving and caring the way I am so I told him that can we get the camera home because that's how we are at home. Then Aatish told me that when you are hungry you get angry tab tumhare satakti hai, I felt Oh my God that's what I am. I can relate to the character so much."

Tanaaz and Bakhtiyar were earlier seen in the reality show Bigg Boss Season 3 who were indulged in tiffs and fights which projected their other side on the show in front of the audience. So when asked Tanaaz if she has any regrets of participating in the reality show Big Boss or not? She says, "Staying in the Big Boss house is difficult, sometimes you are pushed to do certain things which you don't want to do."

So does Tanaaz feels that Bakhtiyaar is a dominating person or not? She says, "No not at all he is not a dominating person. He is like a child to me who is very simple to understand. He speaks his heart out, he says what he feels. Nowadays guys have so many problems like some are addicted to drugs, some are addicted to liquor but I am thankful at least he is not the same. He gets angry sometimes but that's fine."

Lastly when asked Tanaaz whether has she felt insecure about her husband Bakhtiyar as he is good looking and receives compliment for his looks? She says, "No, I don't know why we give so much importance to guys. I never feel jealous or insecure. I think women give more responsibility to men, if you are beautiful you will always remain beautiful for that you don't need any men to compliment you. I am very confident of myself I know where I am going, where I am positioning myself. Once a women approached me saying, Bhaktiyaar is so good looking, he comes alone to the gym so you don't mind? I told her I am proud that he is handsome but I am not possessive. I am cool with it. We both are very sorted I know what he is doing and he knows what I am doing."

We wish Tanaaz good luck for her comeback!


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