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"I always take rumors lightly" - Neha Sargam

TellyBuzz brings to you the column on actor’s reactions towards the craziest rumors they have heard about themselves…

With the growing popularity, our Telly celebs have to come across many rumors. This column focuses on the celebs who have heard some of the craziest rumors against themselves and their reaction on the rumors. This week we got in touch with actress Neha Sargam who was last seen as Sita in Zee TV's Ramayan.

Here's Neha sharing her reaction towards the craziest rumor she has heard about herself.

When asked Neha about the craziest rumor she has heard about herself, she shares, "I had lost oodles of weight and was looking different when I made a comeback with Haar Jeet after Chand Chupa Badal Mein so a rumor came out as I have taken some medicines and have undergone through a surgery for looking thin. I just laughed at this rumor because I know that I am a girl who is scared of injections. My friends and family also didn't care about this rumor at all because my friends have seen me from my school and college days and they know that I used to be known as the thinnest girl. It's all because of having lots of junk foods that I became chubby later. So, my friends believed that it's a rumor."

She further added, "I will just ask the person behind spreading such rumors that from where do you get such ideas? You should join a channel or a production house as a creative (laughs)."

"We should ignore such kind of rumors because we know that such kinds of news keep coming in the media and sometimes things come out in other way round so we should avoid to it. But when you will feel that now the limit has been crossed then one should take a stand. Sometimes ignoring also make way for having more of such rumors," shares Neha.

"I always take it very lightly because it's a very small and a kiddish thing. If I know that I am right then these kinds of rumors can't change anything," concludes Neha. 

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