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"Farooq Shaikh was a very nice and generous person to work with"

Feels Producer Saurabh Tiwari and actress Nikita Sharma who have worked with the veteran actor in Life Ok’s popular show Do Dil Ek Jaan…

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Veteran actor Farooq Shaikh's demise news has put the Bollywood industry in a state of shock. The actor recently did a cameo on Television in Nautanki Films' popular show Do Dil Ek Jaan on Life Ok. The team was very elated shooting with him in Kashmir and shared some memorable memories. We spoke to Producer Saurabh Tiwari and actors Nikita Sharma and Ayaz Ahmed to know more about their memories of time spent with him.
Producer Saurabh Tiwari:  It was very shocking and painful to know about Farooq Shaikh's sudden demise. Most of us have grown up watching his films. The first name which came in our mind for the character of Dr. Kaul in Do Dil Ek Jaan was Farooqji. He was the most important character and when I suggested his name to my team, they all became very excited. However, it was not easy to convince him. When we went to his place, he said that he was not keen on doing television because of the hectic working hours. We assured him that it's a cameo for 7-8 episodes. 

When we narrated the character, he loved it and then we started shooting with him in Kashmir.  He was having fun and playing cricket with us. It was an awesome experience working with him. The kind of professionalism, perfection and dedication which Farooqji showed, sets an example for today's actors. He was very dedicated, enthusiastic and always used to be on time. One day, he took all of us for lunch in Hotel Lalit. It was memorable shooting with him. We all are in a state of shock right now. Nobody expected this; we just shot with him 5 months back and he was all fine and now this shocking news!

Actress, Nikita Sharma: I shot the initial episodes of Do Dil Ek Jaan with Farooq Sir. I am feeling very lucky that I got a chance to work with him. He is the most jovial and kind-hearted person I have ever met. The most memorable memory that I have shared with him was the time when we were planning to have Wazwan (the famous meal from Kashmir) so we were looking for a nice place to visit and then Farooq sir came for the shoot after 10-15 days and he took all of us to The Lalit. He gave us a party and treated us to Wazwan. 

He used to love food and we had lunch together. He was a very natural actor and one can feel a good connection while working with him. He was playing my father in the show so I actually used to feel that he is my father. When I was asked to cry in a scene when he was shown dead, then I cried remembering the memories I shared with him. I recently spoke to him when his movie Club 60 was released. 

I can't believe that something like this has happened to him. He was a very nice, down to earth and generous person. He used to teach me about acting also in my initial days. He was a funny person as well; he used to crack jokes around and talk a lot. I am very happy that I got a chance to work with him. I am feeling really lucky that I have done a TV show with him. It was a pleasure working with such a big and a fine actor. I hope his soul rests in peace. I am just going through all the pictures and videos online working with him. We shared a very good relation. He will always be in my prayers.

Ayaz Ahmed: I really admired Farooqji as a person and also as an actor. He used to talk a lot about his life as how to lead and enjoy life which is very helpful for an actor and as a human being. Once he told me, a wonderful thing which I can never forget. He said that 'You can't predict success. So, as an actor whatever work you do, you just enjoy the process of making it, because you make a film for a year or do a show for one or two years. So, you should enjoy the process to be happy and feel satisfied in life as an actor. No one can predict the success of any movie or a show.' 

It was amazing to know about. I remember that time when he took all of us to Hotel Lalit for a Wazwan meal. He was a great foodie and so am I and we used to talk a lot about food. He was a very nice person.

We at TellyBuzz to hope that his soul rests in peace! 

RIP Farooq Shaikh!

Anwesha Kamal


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SugarDream 7 years ago RIP Farooq Sheikh Sir

Ayaz ahmed and Nikita sharma are saying the truth you were a amazing Person!!
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m.seema 7 years ago rip to farooq shaikh .Ayaz Ahmed n Nikita Sharma were blessed to work with u
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Parm. 7 years ago Heartfelt prayers to Mr. Farooq Sheikh's family. You are going to be sorely missed...
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miss_bennet 7 years ago RIP Farooq Sheikh sir!

Ayaz Ahmed and Nikita Sharma are right. You were a wonderful person.
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kushigupta162 7 years ago
Ayaz Ahmed n Nikita Sharma u both r perfect as rantara
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richurachna 7 years ago RIP Farooq Sir.Ayaz Ahmed n Nikita Sharma were blessed to work with u
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ankusanu 7 years ago Ayaz Ahmed n Nikita Sharma love u n waitibg fr niyaz chemistry
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drashtid123 7 years ago RIP Farooq Sir.Ayaz Ahmed n Nikita Sharma were blessed to work with u in Do dil ek Jaan
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manpreet87 7 years ago RIP Farooq Sir...Ayaz Ahmed and Nikita Sharma are fortunate to have gotten a chance to work with you.
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nbw16 7 years ago May ur soul rest in peace Mr.Farooq Sheikh sir...
Ayaz Ahmed n Nikita Sharma were blessed to work with u in Do dil ek Jaan
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