"Chunmoon is a hero and will eventually become one!" claims Chandan Anand

I am extremely happy with my role in 'Bhaage Re Mann' as it gives me a chance to play a character that is very different from my real flamboyant and confident self, exclaims Chandan.

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Having accomplished 15 years of experience in theater, the talented actor Chandan Anand started working with two of the most prolific theater companies in New Delhi 'Asmita' and 'Act One'. Having being associating with the breeding ground for the best thespians of India, Chandan honed his skills as he essayed many prominent roles in well-known Hindi plays, films and several television shows like Bhabhi, Yeh Pyar na hoga kam, Hatim and Dharamkshetra for leading television channels in India.

Parched is his first breakthrough film in the International Cinema, a project directed by Leena A. Yadav is currently doing the rounds of International Film Festivals around the world. In a candid conversation with Tellybuzz, Chandan spilled some beans about his acting career.

You have been part of distinguished shows, which are different from normal soap operas, like Bhaag Re Mann, Anurag Basu's production, etc. What is your take on fiction shows based on kitchen conflicts? 

I think it is all about performances. As an actor, I would love to do any kind of show- feature or commercial, where I get an opportunity to perform. I am extremely happy with my role in 'Bhaage Re Mann' as it gives me a chance to play a character that is very different from my real flamboyant and confident self.

What kind of characters do you have penchant for?

I like any role that is challenging for me. If you look at my previous work.. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing all the roles. 

It is my job to make a particular role challenging for myself. The last couple of roles with Yami and Gaurav Khanna - I played negative character but people also loved me in 'Omi Bhaiyya' as well. After that I did The Adventures of Hatim, which was a fantastical film and my character had supernatural powers. I always enjoyed watching such films and characters like Loki from Thor. Nikhil with whom I did 'Pyar Na Hoga Kum' offered me the role.

Your role in Bhaage Re Mann, Chunmoon, is of a simple guy but how do you bring madness to his character?

Personally, I think Chunmoon is a hero and will eventually become one. He is a good hearted person and respects his mother. But he is at a stage to get out of the boundary and find love. He is liked by every person in the family; he is a support system to everyone in the family. He heads a company. He is educated. He earns well. He respects seniors and supports to children. He knows what's right and wrong. He respects women. What else is the definition of a hero? But he becomes Chunmoon when it comes to love. He doesn't know how to deal with that situation. Which is a very positive trait in a hero, but this definition is differently perceived by everyone.

Chandan, we hope you continue to spread your charm through distinguished projects on-screen!

Shachi Tapiawala Rathod

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He was mind blowing as Zargham ...very, very eager to see him again in that role.

8 years ago

He is one amazing actor! Be it Dharmakshetra, Stories by Rabindranath Tagore, Hatim or Bhaage re Man...his portrayal is flawless!

8 years ago

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